Italian magazine publishes Arafat's secret journals
Binyamin Tobias and Daniel Bettini
Published: 04.02.18, 20:09
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1. Italy openly enabled terror against Jews like many other EU

The only thing that has changed is they are actively funding our deaths today from EU tax money IN OPEN. 100,000's of Jews are funding their own demise by paying taxes.

They openly pay terrorist salaries.
They openly pay for child hate/anti-Jewish education.
They openly support the invasion of the new Nazis to their nations.
When Jews are attacked its considered anti-Israel.
When Islamist's carry out terrorist attacks their communities are given support.
They openly steal Jewish land throughout Jerusalem and surrounding areas.
They openly deny Jewish individual religious and property rights.
They openly support Abbas a mass murdering, holocaust denying , evil man.
They regularly deny Jewish history voting against reality in most international forums.
They applauded Abbas in EU Parliament when he spread a blood libel about Jews poisoning the wells.
They ignore all international documents pertaining the legal rights of the Jews. most they were very active with passing.
Mandate, San Remo Declaration, UN Charter, UN SC242, Oslo.....
They ignore international law and the fact that the green line is an armistice line and has no legal relevance as stated in the agreement.
They fund the large majority of orgs which call and act to destroy Israel, spread propaganda, support BDS, and while paying for terrorist legal defense they ignore the mass sexual abuse and torture in the Palestinian Authority which would collapse tomorrow without them.
Didnt even mention support for Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Lebanon, Syria all pretty evil on any level of morality.

I could go on for hours but we can all see that the EU is evil and openly Jew-hating today from institutional, education, even daily individual rights.

2. Fake revisionist history enough tme to write after death
jos rech ,   la   (02.05.18)
how can I marry her. like he spent all his extra time with her. honey I'm home.
3. Its been known for years number of EU nations allowed terror
only against the Jews though. It wasn't only Italy and I read this a decade ago.
4. Arafat: purveyor of death, of corruption, of theft, of lies
C   (02.04.18)
this egyptian terrorist, pathological liar, destroyed all chances for peace
for many generations to come.
5. Suha Tawil
Tova   (02.05.18)
was despised by the PLO. Arafat send her and his daughter to live in France for fear they would be murdered. Suha is a Christian which is forbidden by Muslin and Islamic faith. Arafat who is not Palenstian but he is of the Islamic faith feared for his own life. And so his wife and daughter were sent to France.

You have to wonder if Suha really married Arafat for wealth to live a rich life in France. So much for Palenstian aid. Corruption is ingrained to this culture.
6. oh the eighties...
i blame it all on the moustaches.seriously guys with moustaches needed to
get it on,
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (02.06.18)
to cover corruption or get away with money laundring. The Muslim world is full of them and they all act as if they care for the Palis. This article shows how useless these leaders are. They have no ability to govern any land. If you give the entire Israel to the Palis, they will still be poor and woudl be fightign with each other just like Syria, Iraq, Lybia & etc. Israel is doing teh sane thing to keep epanng its livlyhood while Muslims only look into destroying theirs & others.
8. Do the memoirs reveal.............
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (02.05.18)
that he was a raging Pedophile, who frequently sodomized young boys and men?
9. Why does Suha never visit "Palestine " ?
$aint Suha$ ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.10.18)
Suha would be killed if she ever visited here as the Moslem
Palestinians blame her for the stealing of the millions and
millions of dollars donated by Europe US and little old ladies
in dummed down pro Palestinian churches. Someday the
real memoirs will be published/ By the way for our
anti Israel Christian Arabs the Palestinians Moslems put
ALL the blame on Christian Suha for stealing the money
and that genius Arafat evidently was not aware of where all
the millions were going and only a Christian like Suha$
could have stolen and fooled saintly Moslem Arafat
Moslem Palestinian Arabs stab Jews with knives Christian
Arab Palestinians stab Jews with their tongues
What about "The Romanian Memoirs " videos of
Arafat secretly taken when he visited the former Romanian
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