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US and Argentina to work together against Hezbollah
Published: 05.02.18, 10:16
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1. OK then.
Brad   (02.05.18)
But let's not forget that hezbollah's buddy Russia is also operating in Argentina. They're working on ICBM installations. Gee, I wonder who the target is?
2. How does one bring a dead terrorist to trial?
after all in both cases they were suicide bombers!
3. this article is inaccurate...
4. they r going to fix 35 years of "soft loans" & friendship...
I do believe that the USA is coming in a bit late.
and if all they are doing is what is written in this article they are wasting their time!
5. AMIA investigator's name was Alberto Nisman
and because neither Israel nor the USA backed him he was murdered.
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