Father of four murdered in Ariel terror attack
Ynet reporters
Published: 05.02.18, 20:36
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1. Wishing him a Refuah Shleimah
Get well soon ,please G-d.
2. May his memory be blessed BDE
3. Terrorist attack
Eduardo Davidsohn ,   México   (02.05.18)
Ynet news mmmm let me guess the stabbing was because he a friendly gesture...if course that was a terrorist trying to kill don't be so naive in saying the motive is unclear... You are becoming like the U.N..... poor Arabs a Jew is in the road... B
4. Punishment of terrorists not enough. They keep stabbing.
Sam ,   Montreal   (02.05.18)
Obviously the punishment of terrorists serves as no deterrent as other terrorists keep repeating the act. Who is running the show, Israel or the terrorists?. It's time to give terrorists the punishment they deserve and not treat them as if they are guests at some resort.
5. Rest in Peace Rabbi Gal....
froike ,   NY US   (02.05.18)
May your blood be avenged and may Hashem guard your family from further tragedies.
President Trump....cut all funding to any organization giving money to these Savages!
6. he was stabbed once in the vid?
epo   (02.05.18)
7. Mr.
Roland   (02.05.18)
No different to Eichmann.!
.One gets hanged,the other looks forward to a lengthy stretch in jail ( with social services at his beck and call) This however is a very sad family that will always remember with grief this tragedy,... Every day there something tragic happens..."Stop dithering". ..Bring back the noose and get on with the job.I am sure there will be no shortage of volunteers to fulfill the job requirements .
8. And that’s why there is no such thing as Israeli Arabs
Phoenix   (02.05.18)
Arabs are always Arabs. They are the enemy always and the leftist cancer are the once helping them to stay among us and even in the Knesset. All Arabs must be remived from us!
9. Kitzur Pazam (shortcut) to legal status for new settlement!
there is plenty! ,   Israel   (02.05.18)
at the rate they are killing settlers these days the whole west bank will be filled with spanking new legal settlements in no time!
and of course these settlements will be paid for by the State of Israel and by the profits brought in from the various international law suits against the Palestinian Authority.
if these are the prizes yes, yes of course the settlers will be happy to continue being Netanyahu's cannon fodder!
10. this is a Jew on Jew crime...
the radio has just reported that the mother of the perpetrator is an Israeli-Jewish woman therefore this is a Jew on Jew move along nothing to see here.
11. diskin and bibi
hy   (02.05.18)
with all due respect to diskin, do you honestly expect terror to drop if israel makes an agreement with abbas? Which planet were you born on? you talk as dumb as livni.

if Israel doesn't hold strategic borders, its majority means nothing as it will eventually collapse from continual terror as stated clearly by Arab leaders. One of your predecessors, shin bet leader peri brought us Oslo with thousands dead and maimed. so thanks for nothing because your advice is worth nothing.

yes bibi is weak, and somewhat gutless but not because he won't make concessions in practice to abbas. he is weak in my judgement in how he was raised, and his experiences in the army have made him extremely reluctant tot he point he wants guarantees and rather not make any decision. that his why he runs to putin and trump asking why don't you take care of our problem.

but if i had to choose, i would take bibi any day over diskin.

bennett is vastly stronger and more courageous than bibi. hopefully israelis will come to their senses and vote for bennett next time out.
12. israeli jews should be armed including the religious
ian   (02.05.18)
israeli jews shoujld arm themselves whatever it takes. one cannot stop all stabbers and shooters but at least fire back or before if possible. the shin bet takes too long to get there. if the rabbi was armed,he might have been able to fire a shot at the attacker.

jews have to defend themselves and not just pray for protection endlessly. deri- are you listening????
13. settlers should be armed and ready to go
iraj   (02.06.18)
it is apparent that no matter the attacks, israelis will get the perpetrators one way or another no mattter how long it takes. next on the agenda there is talk of dealing with the families of attackers since they likely know the plan. voices are being heard more and more of deporting them or in fact incarcerating them. this may be coming

14. Video is proves little and video is poor evidence.
ZIPPY'S USED CARS ,   Levittown, NY   (02.06.18)
In fact the video is evidence that casts suspicions on the narrative's factuality.
15. The 2 most powerful words of 2018,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (02.25.18)
will be "Fake Jews".
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