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Situation in Gaza approaches critical point
Elior Levy and Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.02.18, 23:28
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1. Arabs! Return home to Arabia. Life is much better there than
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.06.18)
under so called Jewish "occupation"
2. It is not that critical if Arabs don't flee to good Arabia
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.06.18)
3. Our "security officials" have become very unreliable/leftist
4. Mr.
Roland ,   london England   (02.06.18)
The Gazans have self-Government here.Until the people realise that they are being taken for a ride by their leaders,things wont change.For this change to occur ,in which time will tell the tradition of the man in the street is to bay for blood.When this tradition of a 'mob'vote starts ,then a new rotten change will take the place of the old one They are therefore perpetual losers.And Israel is therefore hardly likely to consider serious negotiations until their leopards change their spots.Their religious beliefs must give way to the beliefs in Democracy.This must be Pragmatic as their old ways must be supplanted with a new way of thinking.
5. The usual
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (02.06.18)
declining humanitarion situation, no work, no electricity, no water, pollution, illnesses, who'd want to stay there,? even getting payed for staying?
6. Quit Killing Jews
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (02.06.18)
There is a "humanitarian crisis" because Hamas rules Gaza. Hamas steals all foreign aid to attack Israel. Until Hamas is gone, Gaza will remain a true s___hole!
7. just figure out who would be blame...
Marcelo ,   Ramat Gan   (02.06.18)
Ham-Ham-ass develop tunnels, rockets, and training camps to "fight Israel"...what about the "free world" for once telling the egiptians in gaza to start building infrastructure with the amount of money they get instead of building tunnels and all the armament sh*?....but, who knows? maybe the eurabians are pretty much happy with this situation to keep on blaming Israel...
8. "the Palestinians not considering the plant a priority,"
A ,   OutThere   (02.06.18)
Of course not, they would rather build tunnels and drown in their own $h!t while the EU supplies them with financial handouts.
9. To make war with Israel pays off in spades
BBB   (02.06.18)
the Arabs using other Arabs as ploys in hopes of ruining Israel by claiming Palestine as home hasn't worked for the last 70 years and the evidence is the pain and suffering for making really poor choices.
Instead of working to ruin Israel why not work to make their own lives better?
Is it the generational inbreeding ? Lack of basic intelligence?
The rewarding of terrorists and their families?
It is up to these lowly Arab ploys to figure out.
Of it were me, I'd leave Gaza and head back home.
( Which was never Israel.)
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (02.06.18)
There would not be a problem if the Palestinian leaders would stop taking the public's funds into their own pockets and spending rest of the money for terror and instead use it to invest in the future and take care of the people. Then the poverty problem would disappear. Look how much money has been given to the Palestinians and where the funds disappeared. Time to change their leaders and if these are the leaders the Palestinian people want- then let them live with the consequences.
11. Good for them!
David ,   New York   (02.06.18)
12. Crisis
robert saunders ,   Pueblo   (02.06.18)
Let the crisis directly afect the ruling Hamas politbureau. Lets see how it works out for them.
13. 10 children
Moishe   (02.08.18)
Make 10 children and than crying.I HAVE NO MONEY!

I saw an report from an Arab(perhaps Pali)family who dont work:Uh the state gave us only 3500 Euros a month,sometimes we dont have money at the end of the month...
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