PM Netanyahu, Security Cabinet tour Lebanese border
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.02.18, 18:00
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1. Bibi allows daily terror while Palestinians roam free
Busy knocking down Jewish homes while the EU/UN/Palestinians are stealing acres of land.
Busy finding terrorists after they kill. Arrest all members of terror orgs now. If not you are t blame for each death. Putting the murderers in jail for a few years makes it even worse.

Follow Resolution 242 anyone who came/came back to the land since 1967 and is not willing to live in peace can be kicked out according to the resolution.
2. israel has enough of this pacifist reluctant ex soldier
joe   (02.07.18)
Police are likely to recommend indictment of bibi. liku will hopefully move him out. bennett or saar wil be the next leader. and good riddance to waffling, insecure, indecisive bibi.

later on, bibi's wife will be indicted in my opinion

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