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Introducing the IDF’s new ‘missile corps’
Alex Fishman
Published: 09.02.18, 23:33
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1. Genius Ehud Barak oposed development of Iron Dome,his succe
ab   (02.10.18)
sors don't even mention replies to Qassams-another inexpensive Qassam,let the pals taste their own medicine
2. thank you lieberman
rory   (02.10.18)
it has taken a long time, but building a Prussian style surface to surface missile arsenal over the objections of idf in the past is crucial to defeating hezbollah. Prime ministers except for sharon had no views on this since they for the most part are not fighters.

it is crucial in 2 respects. 1. it equalizes the terror equation to a large extent. 2) it is faster to fire and are unmanned so safer to employ than planes. so the enemy will know they will get blitzed .

leiberman deserves lots of thanks on this one because there was resistance.. of course netanyahu and olmert before him never ordered these arms since they have little understanding of the battlefield.

Thank you lieberman.
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