South Tel Aviv residents: We don't hate black people, but they must leave
Telem Yahav
Published: 08.02.18, 15:33
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1. Ynet must publish such a report every single day, weekends
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.08.18)
2. Simple solution to the problem
Gene   (02.08.18)
Everyone, who protests against deportation should take one refugee to his or her home and the problem will be solved. They can afford it: most of them, unlike residents of South Tel-Aviv, pretty much well off.
3. idf they want to stay in israel
rea   (02.08.18)
there can be a pathway for staying in Israel. those migrants who have clean records, who are prepared to study Jewish history, convert, do community work and then go into the idf, they should be considered for resident status and then onto citizenship. they willl have to do 3 years idf on the northern border..
What's wrong with living in South Smell-Aviv ?
5. "We don't hate black people"
We just don't like them so much....
6. No blacks wanted
Guest ,   N/A   (02.23.18)
Israel is a democracy that welcomes long as you're not black, Muslim, christian, arab or anything aside from a european white jew. Israel is worse than usa during him crow. Non Jews are lynched, Palestinian homes destroyed, land is stolen and segregated Jewish onky communities are built. Discriminating laws are everywhere.
7. Don't LIE. You do Hate Black People, Arabs, anybody but jews
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (03.12.18)
8. Illegal aliens no matter their color.
BBB   (06.11.18)
Same as here in America.
Everyone wants to enter but, not all who enter are legal.
Sincere people follow the law and don't use color as an excuse for lawlessness.
9. # 7 Sounds like YOU have a problem
BBB   (06.11.18)
one of bigotry and the hatred of blacks.
10. # 6
BBB   (06.11.18)
You really poured in on, didn't you?
If Israel were as bad as you post, why do more illegal Africans aim straight for Israel?
There are many other nations they could choose.
So you know there is NO palestine just some bottom of the barrel Arab losers that other Arabs hate.
11. # 2 Gene have you invited one to live with you?
BBB   (06.11.18)
Charity begins at home.
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