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Israeli high school trips to Poland to continue
Itamar Eichner, Benjamin Tobias, Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 08.02.18, 17:56
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Why visit that depressing ,grey place? go to the Caribbean instead
2. Yeah, whatever...but I do feel certain unease when visiting
Poland, concerning openly acknowledging my Israeli origin.
Fair enough: one should be careful with that all over Europe, but that's because of the Muslim invasion.
As far as I know Poles have bravely deflected that threat, so.....whom am I afraid of??!
3. Sure, Poles need hard currency,Jews'll oblige,as always
ab   (02.10.18)
4. BUT WHY ?
Why give these folk ,who hate your guts ,your hard-earned ?? That aint smart.
5. Bennet doesn't cancel trips to Poland
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (02.11.18)
Totally foolish decision. What possible benefit can there be from visiting such places and leaving them money after they recently spit in our collective face? Enough to visit Yad Vashem and Lohemei Haghetto-ot.

Bennet wouldn't know how to educate anyone if education bit him on his big toe.
6. Kids , Visit Ibiza , it's more fun.
7. Ministry of education tied into travel agents...
And so the ministry is unwilling or unable to stop theses trips.
8. I saw the movie "Defamation" about ADL and its business
Tomek ,   Lublin   (02.12.18)
It was made by some Jewish guy. He went along with your kids to Poland on one of those trips. It was very disturbing to watch because the kids were subjected to rather crude indoctrination. I am sure any critical thinker would see through this BS but apparently they were all lapping up this nonsense. For this reason I think these trips should stop.
9. Stop it ! ! !
Yarom ,   Tiranuk   (02.14.18)
These "trips" make Israeli youth alienated psychopaths ...
10. Retired
Mike ,   Wellington   (02.15.18)
No 9 . . ..maybe, but then they will learn psychopathy from the best in the
business . . . the garlic munching Poles themselves.
11. President Duda Has a Point
Mordechai ,   san francisco   (02.17.18)
But look at this link:
12. These trips (not meant to ferment anti-Polish sentiments at
all), but to instill some vague awareness of "never again", are indeed problematic/ always have been....
So maybe now it's the time to stop?
BTW: I am sure most of the Quislings belonging to Breaking Silence/ Mahsom Watch/ Meretz, HAVE been on such trip....and it did absolutely nothing for them!
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