Two IAF pilots hurt after F-16 downed during retaliatory strike in Syria
Ynet reporters, news agencies
Published: 10.02.18, 08:53
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1. Iran's aggression and Europe's response...
NadavKatz   (02.10.18)
Iran continues and intensifies its aggression and Europeans are silent. When they finally open their mouths they, no doubt, will blame the Jews, again, and in an unrelated fashion will continue to utter their mantra "two-state solution" which is a modification of the "final solution", of course. This is the face of Europe well into the 21st century....!!
3. ambush
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (02.10.18)
IAF is predictable, IAF will always retaliate and Syrian missiles are ready.
Let us not always retaliate or with different measns.
4. This definitely changes things
Ardeth Bey ,   Detroit   (02.10.18)
How long has it been that Israel has lost a fighter jet to Syria or anyone else? This definitely will slow things down as to Israel flying into Syrian air space unless they go at them hard, fast and furious and destroy everything they have. That of course, will mean an all our war in which Israel will no doubt lose more fighter jets before it's over.
But if Iran is permitted to expand without any interference, then Israel is going to have a great problem on their hands that they have not had before. Therefore, there is a need to completely wipe out Iran in that place .. or it isn't going to be good for Israel. Take them totally out or pay the price big time.
5. Ouch
johnthebud ,   Ankara   (02.10.18)
Did it really hurt? How does it feel?
6. wait for it .......
steve s   (02.10.18)
Mogherini of the EU, as well as Sweden and Ireland, will undoubtedly condemn Israel for this action ............... while remaining silent about Turkey's invasion of north Syria. So it goes.
7. to bail out on Israeli soil
observer   (02.10.18)
that was big achievement on the side of the pilots. On a second thought, the pilots proved that they were idiots, for the Israelis consider Syria as the Northern Province of the Great Israel.
8. Don't sell missiles to Poland,they'll end up in Syria !!!!!!
ab   (02.10.18)
9. Odd they haven't named the pilots who were shot down
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (02.10.18)
10. Iran was shielded by Obama. Now Iran will get owned.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.10.18)
HILL ST BLUES ,   HILL ST. SAFED   (02.10.18)
12. I would strike Tehran
Moshe   (02.10.18)
No more game playing
13. Agreed!
David   (02.10.18)
From now on, we should not get in their space any longer, let’s lock and load, nex time let’s they send a drone let’s drop a couple of GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bombs and move on,
14. Congrats!
Rotem Adler ,   Paris - France   (02.10.18)
I want to convey my warmest congratulations to the IDF, as well as to the pilots who have saved their lives. Fighter planes are there to risk them and, eventually, lose some units. Sometime had to happen what happened today, especially with planes that have lost air supremacy in any combat scenario.

I also congratulate our PM for having given the green light to this operation, as well as for his magnificent sale of dozens of F16 at a very good price.

Today is a day of victory. We have hit very hard and very deeply in Syrian territory, and we have two outstanding pilots safe and sound. The defeat would have been that they had fallen into the hands of our enemies, and now have to empty of terrorists the jails of Israel for, after much diplomatic mediation and with much luck, to repatriate them.

Our army has made an impressive demonstration of strength and skill. Making triple deadly jumps, high in the air and without a network, is something that silences those who see it, and that should not be repeated too often. Much closer is Damascus, surrounded by huge military barracks and with an impressive presidential palace.
15. this is an opportunity
mofta   (02.10.18)
this is way you want an arsenal of rockets. so you have other choices. manned planes can and should be used but new technology is needed to block locking on plane radars.

here is an opportunity to damage iran in syria. get ready with plans.
16. Nice Start
Solomon ,   San Francisco, CA   (02.10.18)
But conventional weapons vs. targets in Syria is just a warm up to the inevitable requirement, which is nuclear strikes against nuclear, military, and government targets in Iran proper.
17. Shia terror regime must be destroyed
C   (02.10.18)
there can be no peace as long as the shia terror regime rules iran.
18. And it is only S200
Scooter   (02.12.18)
Guess what will happen soon ?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (02.14.18)
so good about your fake democracy. The political agenda of US in M.E is so starnge and confusing. No one can figure out who side US is on. One thing is certain, it enjoys war anywhere with or against its allies.
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