Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Iranians pushing for a new northern status quo
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 10.02.18, 12:06
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We all know that Iran is powerful and deserves respect and to be taken seriously ,you do not have anything to prove so just chill . You also know the exact same applies to Israel .
Israel is not invulnerable, that has been clearly demonstrated in the past ,and more than once shown to be the case. But Israel can retaliate hard to any aggression against it and her enemies know this. Iran too deserves to not be underestimated and therefore they should know that they have nothing to prove . This cat-and-mouse game should end soon and let common sense prevail.
Israel should just nuke Iran and finish this once and for all.
4. The Isrealy bullying is the reason for all tensions
Napoleon II   (02.10.18)
The Israeli drones promenade daily in Lebanese and Syrian sky.What is allowed for you isn't allowed for other right?You have the right to know and spy on other countries but they don 't ? This is the common sense ?The roistering and bullying of Israel has to be stopped ,and only by force, the only language that Israel understand .It seems to you that you are fighting a terror group but your arrogance and actions creates another groups more powerful and sophisticated .If Israel was realistic in peace talk with Syria in past ,Iranian presence in Syria didn't exist .
5. The score so far is 1-1
Eddie   (02.10.18)
The equation is simple .US supplied Syrian rebels with antiaircraft missiles that bring down a Russian jet couple days ago .Putin gave the ok to Bashar Assad to thwart and shoot down Israeli jets. the score so far is 1-1
6. good, sane commentary. Godspeed IDF and IAF!
Rafi ,   US   (02.10.18)
7. The timing is interesting the IRGC does this just
Tehraniporou   (02.10.18)
before the day "celebrating" the anniversary of the revolution, they will probably bring in "people" for the picture. They face unprecedented internal anger whereby people in Tehran in front of entire brigades of irgc insult them on broad daylight. The whole country is shaken and dysfunctional, when faced with internal collapse, they want to show external strength, no one buys it. That said, the irgc has smart people within its rank and in the face of iran, Israel military strength although unquestionable is challenged; If they truly want to go beyond verbal responses, then the situation is critical. The irgc is overconfident externally and that is not good
8. Why was drone launched:
Isaac Storm   (02.11.18)
1. Could have been a message from Putin to the US to stay out of Syria.
2. Iran/Syria launched the drone in order to trick Israel into retaliating. Why? Maybe they were testing their anti-aircraft missiles; maybe testing Israeli's new jets (f-16's) maybe seeing how much Israel "knew" in terms of Syria's weaponry location and ability; maybe telling Israel that Iran/Syria will not allow anymore of its transports to Hizbullah to be bombed or weaponry in Syria to be bombed.
3. Israel needs to be smarter than Iran. Iran never starts wars or conflicts - it always tricks the other side to start first.
9. STATUS QUO: In the army now.
10. "Syrian antiaircraft missile" NO
C   (02.11.18)
all syrian weaponry is russian or iranian.
in particular, antiaircraft missiles are russian.
syria is a vassal state of russia.
putin will never give up its military/naval bases in syria.
israel must prepare for an extremely bloody war with iran.
11. New status quo will end up Iran pushed away from Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.12.18)
12. Syrian intentions
Dave ,   Needham   (02.13.18)
T4 was the codename of the Nazi adult euthanasia program. Coincidence? Gotta wonder
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