Israeli warplane downed by Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles
Ynet reporters
Published: 10.02.18, 19:45
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1. GOD's Speed
DSM ,   USA   (02.10.18)
Unfortunately this may be the beginning of a larger conflict and Israel will have to get used to a downed plane. To survive Israel must always react with superior force and pick targets that strategically weaken her enemies abilities to continue. Never a tit for tat.
2. Paper Tiger Iran has no chance vs Superpower Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.10.18)
3. Even without investigation,don't deliver advanced weapons to
ab   (02.10.18)
Poland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. learn from the arabs
jay   (02.10.18)
all border communities should be armed to the teeth. Assume no evacuation. arm them or arm yourselves. it is not permissible for Jews to go down without blooding the enemy. arm yourselves and set up a defense system.
5. And you "Iranman," have no chance against Allah's vagina.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.11.18)
6. Time for Bibi Mileikowsky (Netanyahu) to go back to Poland
Steve Benassi   (02.11.18)
... and dig up David Grun (Ben Gurion) and take him with you.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (02.11.18)
Take your mullahs behind back to Jamaran or we will send you there in nice boxes. You can fool the average dumb Iranian with your Jihad garbag, but not us. Stay in Iran and enjoy stealing and destroying Iran’s wealth. This website is out of your league. You can talk tough back in Tehran Bazar, but not here.
8. "We informed the Russians about our activities"
lazerbenabba ,   London England   (02.11.18)
Eventually by the law of averages whether a sophisticated missile or even a bazooka if enough are launched they will hit something.
The much vaunted Russian missiles are and have been shown to be very expensive fire crackers which over the years against Israel have proven to be a waste of money except when used aginst defenceless civilians.
Israel warned Putin on this occaission of an imminent attack but was not reciprocated, perhaps the IDF should be more circumspect about giving advance notice the the Russian client Assad next time.
Who in their right mind will say to the enemy..."Hello there, we are going to attack for infiltrating our territory and please make sure that your missiles are ready and primed...crazy"
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