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Abbas tells India PM he seeks multi-country peace mediation
Assosciated Press
Published: 10.02.18, 21:21
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1. Pakistan Jihad against India=Palestinian Jihad against Israe
2. What is the game Modi plays? Why on earth visit this little
Adolf now?!
Did Bibi promise Modi to make him to be a "Player" in the Piss-Process?
Strange behavior, I say.
3. all the wrong moves......
tiki ,   belgium   (02.11.18)
In his PC attempts to compromise, PM Modi has made all the wrong moves one can make..

Walking along dictator "President" Abbas, the Palestinian charlaten/fraud/terrorist/Holocaust denier/Olympic massacre organizer *and honoring & laying flowers on the grave of Arafat, the fraudulent founding father of International Terrorism *and visiting the Museum of Lies with his name on it is not the way to end this conflict.......on the contrary.

The Palestinian people didn't get any benefit from this visit.....Abbas did..
4. just another ....
steve s   (02.12.18)
Modi is just another sucker. All Abbas has to do is stick his hand out and claim he is pro-negotiation ...... and the suckers will hand him millions of dollars. India has it's own poverty and conflict with Pakistan. Why do they feel the need to finance Abbas, a proven liar?
5. Is India giving the pals their own nation in India?
Or, is India one of the few idiot nations still supporting the terrorists all others have disregarded?
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