IDF reveals UAV launched from Iran-operated Syrian base
Ynet reporters
Published: 10.02.18, 20:26
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1. here is what to do
joe   (02.10.18)
the media should shut up and say nothing. Israeli should not go to the united nations or anywhere else. it should take care of business. one plane shot down or abandoned is nothing. Moscow is in bed with Iran so all of bibi's secrets are spilled over to the Tehran entity.

Israel should set its war plan, use special munitions and land rockets along with its other war arms to accomplish its goals. it should be Iran and Syria running to the untied nations. this is almost a replay of Gaza where bibi chases ceasefires before the job was done. lieberman-forget about bibi, you and the military figure out the way. you don't need to have bibi in your conversations.

and you Israelis- can you really imagine gabbay or lapid as pm handling this crisis???? forget about it, they would already be offering concessions. wake up from your delusions.

if bennett or feiglin were calling the shots, then Arabs would take note.
2. Watching and countering Israeli mischief is...
IranMan   (02.10.18)
countering terrorism. In fact a big part of it.
3. Years of appeasement to evil led to Iran on the border
5. it's really unnecessary military escalation, you may read:
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (02.10.18)
for historical reasons related to the Holocaust our fearless leader (Prime Minister Netanyahu) is willing to sacrifice one F-16 and two pilots just to show the Iranians and the Russians that we've got what it takes and that it will never happen again!

6. It's a loose lose lose situation, Netanyahu is in control!
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (02.10.18)
8. oh for goodness sake!
wimpy ,   Israel   (02.10.18)
last week the USA flew in and bombed in the Russian sector of Syria.
This week the Iranians (read: the Russians) sent in a drone into Israel.
The Israelis over worries, the Americans will gift us with a new F-16.
9. Obama is a traitor
C   (02.10.18)
he refused to let the american military to retrieve or destroy the uav that was
captured by iran and its allies.

all of obama's actions were hostile to the united states and its allies.
in most particular, obama wanted to destroy israel.
10. Iran is a premier threat to world peace
C   (02.10.18)
iran wants to instigate a war with israel.
such a war will cause enormous damage to all parties involved.

russia is a patron of iran.
despite the opinions of some, russia is an enemy of israel.
russia uses its various shia proxies to harm usa interests and
weaken it as much as possible.

there are a number of states that pretend to be usa allies but which
are in fact, at most, neutral. their major goal is economic.
they will do whatever to prevent war at all costs.
11. Netanyahu, do not trust Putin
C   (02.10.18)
putin is the polonium ten man, the man who is allied with genocidal iran,
with genocidal north korea.
putin only cares about power and imperial ambitions.
he is not different from any soviet leader.
soviets always were enemies of israel and armed her muslim adversaries.
12. The drone in the photos do not compare...look different?
SM ,   In the West   (02.11.18)
Whats on the airfield at T4 looks different from the flying wing in other photos
13. Israel needs act like the 90's never happened...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.11.18)
The whole "Oslo" interlude was very gratifying. Israel was able to pretend for a couple years there that the Arabs (and Persians) didn't hate them. Aviv Geffen went androgynous and all the bocherim got p'torim to avoid their service. Very nice. And the American liberals applauded uproariously. Bill Clinton even got some Jewish head out of the deal. But my, my, my how wrong they were. All this was fomenting in the background and as the American Left metastasized over the years, it eventually spit out its aborted love child, the white-bred, Muslim-led Barak O and of course Barry gave us Iran 3.0 and so here we are. Very nice Meretz. Very nice Labor. Very nice lib Dems. Very nice Shia Islam. And while the IAF and much of the IDF are still living in in some sort of Shulamit Aloni-induced stupor of "boots don't matter in the age of missiles," the Iranians, Hezbollah, and all the rest understand perfectly well that such sentiment is hardly the case. Apparently missiles also matter in the age of missiles. Wake up Israel.
14. Paper Tiger Iran has no chance against Superpower Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.11.18)
15. remember that drone the Israeli minister gifted the russians
Katanga ,   Israel   (02.11.18)
with? Yep they figured it all out from that one drone, gave the information to the Iranians and now we are screwed.
But hey for 30 seconds Minister Uri Ariel was pleased as punch with himself...and the recipient of the gift Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev (read: Putin's puppet) he was pleased as punch because he'd managed to trick the Israelis into giving him as a free hold gift exactly what he wanted!
This is not fake news this all happened in November 2016. Meaning we didn't need POTUS 44 to screw us over...our government ministers can screw us over without help from anyone else!
16. hi ynet forum
Adler   (02.11.18)
An iranian drone or UAV was shot down by Israel.
it wasnt very smart from Lieberman
to send idf pilots there after Israel shot down the drone,
maybe they were waiting the IDF. And dont waist your tine
studing the drone, throw it in the ocean, maybe is monitoring
or could have radiactive or quimical stuff in it.
now you know iran can hit idf jets? not nice, is not a good achieve
for the defense minister if since 1982 idf jets were invict. Now what eh?
17. Iranian model consumes less fuel because it does much less
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.11.18)
18. The drone should have been captured.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.11.18)
An attack chopper has more than enough speed to come from behind and shoot a net over the drone to bring it down. It would be helpful to the IDF to reverse engineer the Iranian technology, even if it is far behind Israeli levels.
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