From Russia with disappointment
Yoav Fromer
Published: 11.02.18, 21:36
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1. main problem is Obama Admin gave Russia a free pass in Syria
Rafi ,   US   (02.11.18)
Thanks to Tony Blinken, Ben Rhodes, Denis McDonough, Susan Rice, John Kerry among others "advising" Obama...

Obama foreign policy basically turned the keys of the Middle East over to Iran and Russia... saying "no longer an American priority..." That's all Putin had to hear.

Decades of post-WW II NATO/US presence in the eastern Medit. via 6th fleet and Incirlik air base, Turkey were check-mated and given away.... (along with payments of a couple $100 billion in Iran's case)!

What happened yesterday - along with the displacement of millions of Syrian civilian refugees to Europe - are predictable some of "fruits" of this policy...
2. Pointless opinion by self declared "expert"
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.11.18)
Up until now Russia has been doing a pretty good job in relatively restraining Iran with regard to Israel.

It has to be mentioned that Middle East is in chaos and Russia cannot always have its partners behave with discipline.
3. "Russians will protect Israel’s interests in Syria"
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.11.18)
Israel has been in a been in a deeper delusion than anyone realized. To the attentive this has been clear since Oslo. You would think that after the Holocaust and all that, efforts would be taken to ignore good intentions and stick to survival, but that would be "alarmist," right?
4. Concentrate on jamming S-400 and S-500,it'll undercut wings
ab   (02.11.18)
of Russia's armament exports.
5. Steve Benassi's comments borders on idiocy
Ardeth Bey ,   USA   (02.11.18)
This expert is just that, an expert. Thus Steve, your comment borders on lunacy. Of course, Israel cannot trust Russia. Why would they and better, why do they?
Russia is planted in Syria, defending Syria and has created Iran for what it is. Would the word "nuclear' have any meaning to you?
An amoeba would know who Russia backs and it sure isn't Israel. Calm yourself, Steve! :-)
6. Nations do not have friends, they have interests...
Wambosi ,   Israel   (02.11.18)
exactly when is PM Netanyahu going to learn that?
7. Israelis don't panic. We are not push_overs
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon, Israel   (02.11.18)
Yoav Fromer may be right, but his logic is 50% !
Russia and Putin have long range interests.
I certainly don't know what those interests are, BUT NEITHER DOES FROMER !

Israelis: don't panic , we are not push_overs. Israeli people are determined to survive and we will !

Moshe Israel
8. Thé sages said:
Robert ,   Antwerp   (02.11.18)
Halakha Essav sonne Yakov. Meaning it's a law that Essav hâtés Yacov
9. oil and weapons are short term gains
C   (02.11.18)
putin does not realise that he cannot maintain a long war in the middle east.
russian population is sinking and men die young from alcoholism.
the country is in economic collapse.
russia could not keep up the necessary logistics for an extended war.
russia has many enemies in the region.
putin forgets russian catastrophe in afghanistan.
it is a delicious irony that putin wants to restore the russian empire
while losing its economic and political power.
10. He does
He is an expert at fluffery.
11. To be an American puppet there is a price to pay.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (02.12.18)
12. With it's primitive economy and primitive populace Putin can
only dream wet dreams about Russian Greatness!
Ha ha.
Let's raise another vodka glass (or in the case of Russians: a whole bottle!)
13. bibi got played
ariel   (02.12.18)
bibi has had only a short experience in business, basically inexperienced. an insecure man who enlisted in the idf, he has always been insecure. so in his travels to Russia, his insecurity made him vulnerable to Putin's assurances and smiles. Putin never had intention to side with Israel. Syria has always been a gateway port in the Mediterranean coveted by Russia. and of course Arab and Iranian states are money clients for Putin's arms. so bibi did Israel no favors by bending over backwards to Putin. bibi got taken good.

in a similar way, bibi got taken in by trump's speech and again will not do Israel good in the long run. Israel has to chart its own course so it better do it with bennett. bibi is far too weak to be effective. in the end, jews are on their own so they had better get with it.
14. America first, Russia first & Israel last.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.12.18)
In politics there are no friends, only interests.
This is a good reminder for Israel!
15. Until when will our patience be abused
Avi L.   (02.12.18)
Until when will our patience and intelligence be abused and security put at risk by an unqualifiable political class whose hallucinations are echoed and amplified by a class of professional sycophants selling their own ignorance?

Who could have believed that Putin was giving a cold f*rt of Bibi making B movie faces and that he and his puppet Donald were Israel "special friend"?

How was it possible that Israel's security has been based on Bibi's ego driven pipe dreams seconded by a following of third rate "advisors" vying for some position and easy ca$h?

How was it even possible for some reader to have a better understanding of reality, reality not some top secret data, simply by reading public media if not that our leaders are prey of their own "vision of glory".

Until when?

please see comments
16. Iran and Syria are huge buyers of Russian arms
naro   (02.12.18)
Why would Russia support Israel?
17. Russia got into Syria thru Obamas mismanagement of Middle Ea
Alan   (03.09.18)
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