Bennett: Israel must act systematically against Iranian 'octopus'
Attila Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 11.02.18, 18:39
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1. Bennett gets it while Bibi plays with his gratuities.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.11.18)
2. English saying-"Revenge is a dish best served COLD"
Alan   (02.11.18)
After shooting down that UAV, why did IAF rush into bombing that control centre of the UAVs in 10 minutes time???. It reminds me how after a Hezballah incursion ,Israeli Tank was sent rushing into Lebanon. I think the crew was killed.(? isn't that what started the last LAST War??)
Israel should be patient and come back later......much later and THEN destroy the offending control centre,The Iranians and Syrians were WAITING for IAF to arrive .THEY SPRUNG A TRAP!!! Israel fell for that ruse!!
3. Now Russian and American(copied drone) ,next time Israeli te
ab   (02.11.18)
-chnology mindlessly being supplied to totally unreliable and in reality hostile Poland.
4. Hit them in the kishkes or at least their oil industry
Ghilmeini   (02.11.18)
A nice big fire at a refinery or two and sinking tanker or two would send a lovely message to the Ayatollahs.

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