Defense officials: Next confrontation with Iran is inevitable
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.02.18, 20:12
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1. And why holded back this time,pray tell .Supplying military
an   (02.11.18)
technology to factual enemy,Poland doesn't point to a deeper thinking or careful calculation of the top of the IDF
2. Assad is a monster, but thank G-d, he is stupid
C   (02.11.18)
he deludes himself into thinking that with the help of iran and of russia, he
can destroy the jewish state.
he is unable to learn from his many mistakes and thinks that the islamic
state was destroyed by the syrian army.
he must be blind not to realise that the islamic state was destroyed by
the american army.
assad hides his head in the desert sand while torturing little children.
assad does not realise that jews are among the most intelligent people
on planet earth. they are also amazingly brave which is why they have
survived thousands of years of horrific persecution.
3. Correct. And looks like RUSSIA is in full cahoots with IRAN
Rafi ,   US   (02.12.18)
Apparently both Russians and Iranians SHARE the airbase near Homs, where the Iranian UAV drone was launched from originally...

Are you kidding? What further proof do you need regarding Russian - Iranian collaboration?

While Netanyahu gets credit for playing along with Putin's narrative of "plausible deniability" of supposed "differing Russian/ Iranian goals in Syria"... the conclusions from the latest developments are inescapable:

the Russians are involved up to their chins in Iranian mischief in Syria including provocations against Israel.

Pretending otherwise is about as credible as Pakistan denying it had any knowledge that Bin Laden was harboring in plain sight adjacent to a Pak military academy!
4. what? .......
steve s   (02.15.18)
What Israeli defense official made these statements? This is made up journalism ................ fake news.
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