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After Holocaust law, Poland moves to ban kosher slaughter
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.02.18, 10:16
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PLEASE get the message; Poland does not like the jews, Poland does not want the jews. Not hard to understand ,is it ?
2. To all Jews: TAKE THE HINT
3. Poland says jews shouldn’t have been passive
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (02.12.18)
How would the poles like them to act about this? Islamic like?
4. Ban transfer of military technology to Poland not as tic for
ab   (02.12.18)
tac ,but because Poland is a treacherous country which invariably would sell it to Syria and Iran
5. Purging the Jews from Poland & changing Polish history.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.12.18)
What else is new?
6. hechsher on polish food exports
eddie ,   cape town   (02.12.18)
Here in South Africa there are many Kosher food products with the OU Hechsher from Poland.

I have been buying the Sonko Rice Cakes from Poland with the OU stamp for example. I will now stop buying this product.

Pressure must be put on OU and other kosher certification authorities to stop issuing any hecher certificates in Poland.
7. The Poles in a nutshell
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.18)
Don't expect any rational arguments to deter a group of people hell-bent on expressing the rottenness laying dormant in their oppressed souls. How is it possible for a morally corrupt people to go so long without feeding their obsessive hatred for Jews? No pogroms, no beatings, no homes to steal, or Jews to murder. The pain must be unbearable and the Poles, like the rest of Europe, are just dying to join their murderous new guests with hatred and thirst for cruelty.
8. Acting innocent
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.18)
The Poles sure capitalized on Jewish passivity, or else they all be dead, and Poles wouldn't have been able to steal Jewish homes and property.
9. Strange timing of this brouhaha, what for, why now?!
10. It's obvious - Poland wants to get rid of its Jews !!
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.12.18)
11. & what about Halal meat? or is it just against Kosher meat?
12. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (02.12.18)
Polish govt people not anti Semites. they just act that way.
you would think govt would spend more effort on more pressing issues affecting Poland. no! they return to their anti Semitic ways. hope EU court steps in to reverse Pole stupidity.
13. Holocaust?
Ed ,   USA   (02.12.18)
Makes it harder to believe that poles didn't support holocaust. Polish loguc?
14. Poland is so unsanitary
Fllthy to be exact.

Kosher laws mean cleanliness Poland means unhygienic.
15. Mr.
Lorensacho ,   Rancho Mirage   (02.12.18)
It looks like Poland is more humane towards cows than it is towards Jews.
16. They're not banning hunting, are they?
Richard Sol ,   Los Angeles, CA   (02.12.18)
If they were really concerned about animal welfare, they would ban hunting, wouldn't they?
17. Learn history
Rick ,   Toronto   (02.12.18)
USA and Canada are complicit in Holocaust. They turned away MS St Louis with Jewish refugees from Germany in 1939, it went back to Europe and most of them were killed. They COULD HAVE SAVED 1000 Jews with no effort, just let them disembark, while helping Jews in Poland was punishable by death, to the whole family, including children. TENS OF THOUSANDS WERE EXECUTED FOR THAT BY THE GERMANS
18. Animal slaughter
Pagan ,   Montreal   (02.12.18)
It's time to stop eating meat altogether. No point in adding to the needless cruelty when other means of food self-sufficiency are available. This is besides the disastrous affect on the environment....
19. And the problem is?
Just spend your money elsewhere.
20. Mr
David Ryle ,   Amherst   (02.12.18)
Kosher slaughter cradles were designed for the purpose of providing a humane slaughter that also ensured that koshrut requirements were met and are in routine use in kosher abattoir presumably with the approval of the supervising rabbinical authority. Why can't the same be done in Poland?
21. Stop hate
Rick ,   Toronto   (02.13.18)
Russian Jews who invaded Poland together with Germany in 1939, sent 1.5 million of Poles to the gulags of Siberia, of which only handful survived, shot 22,000 of Polish officers in the back of the head, buried them in the forests of Katyn and then blamed Germans for those crimes. Jews from NKWD (Russian secret police) murdered tens of thousands of Polish patriots during and after the war.
Learn history about Dzierzynski, Trotsky, Kaganovicz, Yagoda, and the biggest criminal of them all: Lawrentij Beria. They are all Jews, murdered tens of millions of people, more than Hitler: Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and Jews.
22. The Next Stage is...
Luke   (02.13.18)
GTFO out of our country and stay out, you parasites. We had the most of you for over 500 years only to hear constant kvetching and obvious attempts to milk as much money as possible.
23. Good decision.
dan991 ,   Plymouth   (02.13.18)
This is barbarian method of killing animals. UK law currently makes it compulsory for animals to be stunned with gas, an electric shock or a metal bolt fired against the forehead.
24. If Pollacks were Kosher could we eat them? Naaaaah
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (02.13.18)
You know how long it would take to clean one?
25. Very GOOD idea!!! and decision!!!
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (02.14.18)
26. The new law allows some export, which was banned since 2013.
E.W. ,   Edmonton   (02.14.18)
"There are people who have invested a lot of money in building kosher factories and slaughter houses, and now this shocking law comes along and puts an end to it. There is an unclear desire here to exclusively harm kosher slaughter and limit kosher meat exports."

Were the exporters not affected by the law banning ritual slaughter passed by current opposition in 2013, and subsequent exemption of slaughter for the needs of religious communities in Poland made by the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland? It appears export was forbidden since then.
I understand the current law actually allows restricted export, which should improve the legal situation of exporters.
Please, remember banning the ritual slaughter is a European Union thing, not as much Polish. It was done for the sake of animal welfare, as understood and legislated by the EU.
27. Dad
Ron Grant ,   Springhill   (02.16.18)
No religious ritual at the expense of animal suffering.
28. Nazis? - are they aliens from outer space?!
Janusz ,   Poland   (02.20.18)
In above text there is such sentence:
"After the controversy created by the law banning people from accusing Poland of Holocaust atrocities committed by the Nazis"
Who the hell are Nazis? - aliens from outer space?!
Please write Germans instead of Nazis - it is the right/correct truth!
Germans are living on planet Earth - they brutally invaded Poland on 1st September 1939 - on that day the Second World started, and then Soviet Russia also brutally invaded Poland on 17th September 1339. Poland was divided between two invaders on the basis of Ribbentrop-Molotow secret pact.
29. Any Jews still in Poland
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (02.24.18)
Need to flee or embrace their extinction. We're here to help but don't be like Yemen.....
30. Misleading Headline
Marc Rashba ,   Tel Aviv   (04.02.18)
The law stinks, but the YNET headline is highly misleading.
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