2 soldiers attacked by Palestinians after accidentally entering Jenin
Ynet reporters
Published: 12.02.18, 13:15
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1. what ashame!
avy   (02.12.18)
2. My my, what hospitable neighbors!
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.12.18)
If Abraham had doorways on all four sides of his tent to be sure he could welcome all visitors, and Islam reveres Abraham, then how do you explain this Arab behavior?

Looks like they must leave out this lesson at mosque.
3. send them to the military jail...
Loknah ,   Israel   (02.12.18)
....because there are signs all up and down that road that warn you not to go there.
....because waze doesn't send you down that road because there are signs all up and down that road that warn you not to go there.
....because it takes a special kind of ignorant to go down a road that warns you not to go there!
4. Israelis should know that WestBank is an OCCUPIED territory.
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (02.12.18)
5. If any Jew attacked an Arab he would be jailed
Mordechai   (02.12.18)
If any Jew attacked an Arab driving the Israeli police would arrest him and jail him for years
6. Morons
Peter ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.18)
If that would happen to elder or may to tourists ok but 2 soldiers? Ridiculous with waze and all the signs on the roads leading there. Lock them up for the loss of a weapon and that's the end of the story
7. lapid is an ignormaus
geroge   (02.12.18)
just like olmert, a security ignoramus of the first degree, lapid asks trump to increase us presence in syria to counter iran. rather than focus on idf plans to deal with iran, he goes begging putin. what an ignoramus.

he did the same thing in the gaza war when he backed passive gantz and yaalon in do as little as possible and criticized bennett for clashing over tunnels. he and bibi were racing to ceasefires before all the tunnels were dealt with. this is why both of them have to go, lapid because he is a dumbell who was over influenced by olmert's view of the world, and bibi because he has been running scared his whole life.
8. How did they not know??
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.18)
You don't need Waze you need to use your brain!I am beginning to dispare when our soldiers aren't able to read road signs!And how did they get the weapon?
You close the doors and stick your foot on the accelerator what's so difficult about that!
9. 1.It's umptieth time with the Waze 2. The same young pals
ab   (02.12.18)
believe it's their "unalienable right" to enter Israel to an Israeli hospital-and what's worse Israeli cringers fill all wards in Israel with these wannabe murderers ,while Israeli patients lie in corridors.
10. How does this keep happening?
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.18)
The IDF, which constantly boasts of being the most technologically advanced army in the world, needs to explain why its soldiers repeatedly appear to be relying on consumer navigation apps while driving in hostile and dangerous territory. Also, most obvious entrances to Area A cities from mixed roads are marked with visible red signs well in advance.
Not to justify this barbaric attack in the slightest, but hard to sympathize completely with soldiers that seem to have been (almost literally) asleep at the wheel.
11. Let's set the record straight
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.18)
I don't know who Joseph araman is who keeps commenting on Facebook but what ever someone is paying him to lie that's fine.I don't mind him lying about Israel so long as we can tell the truth about it.
This is the Palestinian mentality.Whilst NGOs and the UN channel millions in aid they build tunnels and weapon catches under the schools and hospitals.
The american pastor and her son who lived in Jericho several years supplying food clothing money and they torched her car,set fire to her house and beat her up in east Jerusalem after destroying her church(check on google)
Even as they are attacking Israelis hundreds are given work permits for Israel,are treated in Israeli hospitals and receive utilities.If Israel is so bad ask all the Arabs holding Israeli ID if they will give it up and go live under Palestinian rule??you won't get many takers.
12. Naor setting the record straight...
Helena ,   Israel   (02.13.18)
includes mentioning over 50 attacks against churches and other Christian sites perpetrated by the Jews of "Tag Mahir" (Price Tag).
You know which Jews I mean the terrorist Jews.
The Jews who burn people alive.
The Jews who torch churches and mosques.
The Jews who injury children with exploding Purim baskets just because those children are Messianic Christians.
I mean really if you are going to set the record straight that's fine...but do remember that because of these Jewish Terrorists we are no longer a "Talit Sh'Kulo Tehelet" (A prayer shawl that is pure and blue)
So carry on setting the record straight but please do be sure to include all of the record and tell all of the truth!
13. Navigation lessons
Fred ,   Los Angeles   (02.13.18)
The first lesson for new idf soldiers should be not to make this mistake.
This can be very costly for Israel.
14. Helena- we may not be a talit pure and blue
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.13.18)
We may not be a talit pure and blue and if i was able to set " the whole record right" I would have to take a page out in Yediot.
Enough to say that even if the talit is not pure and blue we are not gassing our own citizens- murdering members of our own families or standing meekly by whilst our youth are encouraged to be suicide bombers our hospitals and amenities are falling to pieceses and we expect the same people who we call murders apartheid lovers etc etc to pick up the pieces because we are too shit scared to denounce leaders who are using money meant for the Palestinian in the street to further their own political needs.
15. Another thing Helena
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.13.18)
If you are living under the impression that should a fundamental Islamic state was ruling here( and that's what you'd get) that as a woman you could give your opinion and if you could you would be able to voice any protests against the powers that be- you were living in cuckoo land- so Christian Jew whatever you are that blue ID sure looks good doesn't it?
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