Egypt refuses entry to Israeli groups
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.02.18, 21:11
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Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (02.16.18)
Egypt is plagued with poverty, corruption and extremism & lack of security for tourism. And what do they decide to do instead? Ban more tourists and then run to the Saudis for more handouts. The funny thing is that they really think they are a poor country because of Israel and not because of their bad leaders.
2. look at the bright side .....
steve s   (02.17.18)
I suppose refusing the Israeli tourists entry is much better than machine gunning an unarmed tourist group stopped for lunch....... as the Egyptians did to a Mexican group.
3. Big blessing in disguise.Egypt is right as it is unsafe ther
Alan   (02.22.18)
4. Stay home Egypt sux.
BBB   (02.24.18)
5. yes but NO
This time we should see their point of view.
Don't have time to explain. Good for us too.
Try to thing a bit and put yourselves in their shoes.
6. It is a safety issue
Ben ,   Harrisburg   (03.09.18)
The truth is that the Egyptian government is concerned about being able to guarantee the safety of Israeli groups. (Note the word group) Security in Egypt is difficult enough and the government is fighting many fights against extremists. That they are hesitant to add to their headaches right this moment is understandable. The last thing they need is an Israeli youth group or otherwise getting shot up. As Al Sisi gains security control and the street regains sanity, the policy will undoubtedly change. This is no different that the Israeli government saying no to an organized gay nudist run through Mea Shearim. Egypt could supply security, but right now the cost is too high. Stop looking for reasons beyond the practical.
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