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Book on Israel's covert assassinations becomes bestseller
Havatzelet Damari
Published: 12.02.18, 22:37
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1. "decides it needs to kill in order to survive."
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.24.18)
Doesn't lose sight of the ethical question? The moment Israel was declared, the Arabs opened fire- and it hasn't stopped even 70 years later.

Killing the British, killing some of our own, questionable actions at best, stupid and regretful at worst. But targeting Muslim jihadist leaders and terrorists? Absolutely the right thing to do, in every instance.

Wherever they are, wherever they hide, they should know that we're looking for them and won't stop looking for them until we get them.
2. About Targeted Assasinations
mordekhai abitbol ,   Göttingen   (02.28.18)
Many countries have decided to do targeted assasination. Of course it is against international law. However, nobody protested seriously against the liquidation of Ousama Ben Laden by The US Army or the extermination of Chechens by The russian army or the liquidation of Muslims by the Chinese Army. I believe that an efficient policy against terrorism is not limited to defensive and offensive counter-terrorism. There is a word called Diplomacy, most of the countries nowadays tend strongly to ignore : Diplomacy and especially secret or discreet dilomacy. If a War can be avoide in the north with syria, Hesbollah and Iran by diplomacy, all energies for establishing a dialog must be used. The Same is true with Hamas. I am aware that all these enemies of Israel want the destruction of the state and this goal must be prevented at all costs. But knowing this, Attempts must be done to lower tensions and avoid useless wars. If Intelligence points to war then there is no choice. When the devil is at the gates you cannot ignore the threat. All the Heads of MOSSAD, SHIN BET, Military Intelligence have concluded that Dialogue with ennemies is absolutely necessary. The ultimate solution is peace with strict controle measures not the peace agreement with Arafat who always dreamed til his death of destrying Israel. A genuine dialogue, a rehabilitation of good relations with Jordan, Egypt and a permanent dialog with Saoudi Arabia could be major assets for potential wars and for PEACE.
A confrontation with Russia would be a big setback for Israel.
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