Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israel working to prevent a war while upholding its red lines
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 14.02.18, 18:08
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1. On Upholding "Red Lines"
Robbie ,   CA   (02.14.18)
The best defense is a good offense. Military history has proven that time & time again. Failure to act on "Red Lines" has cost the U.S. & the "free world" significantly. Appeasing dictators never works - whether it be in Iran, Damascus or North Korea. A very well thought out & presented article!
2. F-15 vs F-35 need
F-35 was intended for another "mission over Baghdad" scenario but with ever better high precision long range weapons and unmanned sensors, there is less need for such. Plus, F-35 is still heavily immature system as can be read from the latest DOT&E report.
3. good article on very complex situation... a dangerous period
Rafi ,   US   (02.14.18)
Seems like along with all else, Israel needs to strengthen & solidify its civil defense against the possibility of a war in the North.

If needed, when the day comes, that will help allow the IDF to get its job done.
4. Faith
Jonathan Lewis ,   New york Brooklyn   (02.15.18)
Israel is a blessing from the almighty. I love Israel.
I want to live in Israel. I would help alot of people
5. One cannot avoid necessary war(s)!
6. An All out War must/will Come !
Arn,Sweden. ,   Sweden.   (02.15.18)
In this War all of Hizbollah must be destroyed in the whole of Lebanon.
If not,
the situation will be the same within 5 to 10 Years.

Israel must strike First - Action Always beat Reaction.

7. Khomeini even wrote a book about regional/global domination
Iran has been building up for this war for decades. They are very open about their intentions and have been for a long time. The only answer to to fight them where ever they pop up, From spying on Israelis and Jews i Germany (as they do in most of the West) to the drug trade in S.America. Not to mention all their terror cells created through the West and reported on even by the MSM a number of years ago.

From Yemen all the way to Syria, Iraq and in Iran, Israel and the US should launch a major operation targeting all Iranian interests. Iran is spread wide but thin. Time to take them down. Their own people will help as will the Kurds if we back them. The Sunni Communities have a major problem with Iran and the Shiite community who are ethnically cleansing them and committing atrocities including Genocide against them.

If I was iran I would be worried everyone will turn around towards them. Unlikely but a rational move.

Basically the longer israel and the West wait the worse it will be when the real war starts. Never allow evil to grow and thrive destroy it before it becomes a threat. Iran has already become the threat when it was nothing 20 years ago.
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