Palestinian diplomat: We'll continue teaching our kids to throw stones
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.02.18, 12:06
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Robert ,   Israel   (02.13.18)
What else can Palestinian "children" learn?. Throwing stones and be eternal beggars is their business. Being well learned people is of no use to their "cause". What they don't yet realize is that countries are starting to get tired of giving them money just to be thrown away for political and personal purposes.
Palestinians are Muslims, but it is Occident that feeds them permanently. Their Muslim brothers should be the only ones to feed and make "honorable people" out of them, but their fellow brothers are not interested in doing so.
2. Mr.
Roland ,   london England   (02.13.18)
Unforgivable ,incitement to violence.A stone is as lethal as a bullet...Do we just sit back and just fume ?
3. Stones where brains are supposed to be.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.13.18)
Here is the real problem of "the palestinians".
4. THE Abushawesh?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.13.18)
THE same junior blumbering buffoon..whose only claim to fame is that like a child he likes throwing stones

Someone give him a lollipop
5. We should teach HIM a lesson
Moshe ,   Givataim   (02.13.18)
6. Only goal of Palestinians is to destroy Israel
Sam ,   Montreal   (02.13.18)
McGill students should understand if they have not yet that the goal of Palestinians is to destroy Israel and not the politically correct nonsense they are taught in school or by the media that the goal is a Palestinian majority state and a Jewish majority state. Palestinian children learn this from childhood.
7. I blame Israel's leaders for tolerating "Palestinian" terror
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.13.18)
Why shouldn't "Palestinians" teach their children to attack Israelis every chance they get? It's effective. It's profitable. Israel's leaders allow "Palestinians" to get away with it. Israel's leaders allow and even support our mortal "Palestinian" foes squatting on our land and terrorizing us every chance they get.

I don't blame "Palestinians" for acting like the mortal foes they are. At least they are honest terrorists and murderers. I blame Israel's leaders for tolerating "Palestinian" terror, murder, mayhem, boycotts and much more. "Palestinians" are defeated mortal foes but Israel's leaders refuse to treat them as such.
8. Rocks & sticks
samuel tayar ,   montreal   (02.13.18)
"We are very clever and very expert at throwing the stones. We are very proud to do that. We will not stop to learn our kids (to do that)."

Knowing the risks of premature death?
10. Cancel Oslo send them back to Tunisia
11. They allow him to continue - Students support fascist insane
12. Israel is a joke allowing terrorists to dictate their policy
13. What a role model!
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.13.18)
"Hey! Mr. Abdallah Abushawesh, can you get the PA to fund AP Calculus in my high school?"

"Shame on you, Ahmed! I gave strict orders that all advanced courses be stopped and stone-throwing exercises be held instead!"

"But your esteemed sir, advanced classes in math, chemistry, biology, will help me get into college."

"Shame on you, Ahmed! It is a blessing for you to throw away your future by throwing rocks at Zionist pigs! You should want to spend all your time planning attacks on the Zionist entity, which we cannot name!"

"But your honorshipness, I want to go to school to study and make something of myself! And besides, I use Israeli buses all the time and the people ignore me. I shop at Israeli stores and the people are polite to me. I eat in Israeli restaurants and the servers are happy to wait on me. I go to Israeli beaches and have fun and I'm just another person on the beach! Nobody really cares who I am, only that I behave like a civilized person."

"Shame on you Ahmed! You have fallen for that Zionist-entity claptrap! So they let you on their buses, and in their hotels and restaurants and stores, and beaches and nightclubs. So they serve you food with a smile and let you sit in their movie theaters. Do you think that means they really want to get along with you?"

"Er, why, yes, your holiness."

"Shame on you, Ahmed! What does it take to make you understand that the despicable Zionist-entity (which we cannot name) is doing exactly what they are doing in order to harm you? Can't you see their kindness, their normality, is just a ruse to make you a second class citizen?"

"But your bigshotness, isn't it true that Jews have been thrown out of Muslim countries all over the world? Why is that? Why do some modern Muslim countries not even let Jews come on vacation? It seems to me that Israelis are more welcoming to Muslims than Muslims are to Israelis. Why is that? Just yesterday two Israeli soldiers accidently drove into a Muslim town and were assaulted by everyday people. That kind of response doesn't happen anywhere else on the planet! We do we have to act so insane? If I drove into Tel Aviv by accident, nobody would care! I could even ask for directions ! Why do you want us to be uneducated pawns that get arrested for throwing rocks at Israelis? Do you have mental issues?"

"Ahmed, shame on you. You are looking at the issues with an open mind and a brain. I fear I have lost you. Go, go to school and get a good education. Get into university (even one in the Zionist-entity, I hear they are very good), and then start a great career. You will make something of yourself, a doctor, lawyer, CPA, scientist, professor, business owner, whatever. But you will not become a shahid, you will not be rewarded with 72 virgins and riches beyond imagination, you will just be a successful and happy human being."

"I can live with that!"

"Oh lost soul! Get out of my sight. You make the Ummah sad."

"Gladly, your insipidness. By the way, I just got accepted to Technion and will be rooming with 3 other students who happen to be, er..., citizens of the Zionist-entity. We met up already and I already had dinner at one of their homes! Maybe if we tried NOT throwing rocks, everyone's lives would be better?"

"Oh, Ahmed! You are lost to me forever! "

"Bye,Bye, you self-important doofus. I will decide where my life will go, not you. Tell your own kids to throw rocks and to throw their lives away. We don't want to hear it anymore. Your time is over. Maybe I'll even become a diplomat! If a certified backward idiot like yourself can hold the position, just imagine what good a real diplomat can accomplish! Yes, it's time for new faces to lead us. The old guard has let us down too many times."
14. Violence against the Jews acceptable
K ,   US   (02.13.18)
Notice the scummy students "sniggering", it is acceptable to attack the Jews and has been for at least 1,000 years, I only hope that these students and others on the anti-Israel bandwagon get a taste of that medicine, any pain brought upon them is a pleasure in my eyes
15. Stones throwing to fight oppression
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.18)
A million stones thrown on heavily-armed crack soldiers would not kill anyone, whereas a single strike by an F-15 fighter may and often does kill and maim hundreds of children! Israel occasionally drops huge bombs from high altitude on multi-story buildings packed with sleeping civilians morphing them into Kebab. This Israel's understanding of being "a light upon the world."
16. Palestinians are descended from Philistines, the ancient ene
Rivkah   (02.14.18)
enemies of Israelites/Jews/Israelis/haShem. What the Palestinians don't understand is the book of Zephaniah warns of haShem's judgment that is coming on them. The Palestinians (called Philistines in Zephaniah) in Gaza will be killed by haShem, all of them. That is why haShem pulled the Jews out of Gaza. The Palestinians on the West Bank will slaughter Jews when the Anti-Christ leads them to do that but then haShem will destroy the Anti-Christ and his followers. Best not to battle with haShem. He does not lose wars.
17. "Did the US gain independence through nonviolence?"
Of course not, Porky, the European settlers first made sure to slaughter the Native Americans into submission and steal their children in order tp shove Christianity down their throats, while forcing them off of their lands to insure a future place for turds such as yourself.
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