Police recommends indicting Netanyahu for bribery
Ynet reporters and the Associated Press
Published: 13.02.18, 20:41
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Be careful what you wish for Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu is flawed, he is not perfect but he is the best you have right now. Nobody else in Israel can approach his great experience in both internal and international affairs. Israel is potentially close to a major war ,the last thing it needs is problems with its leadership right now. And all for what?? for a few cigars? this is petty and unimportant.
Aside from Bibi, there are not so many suitable candidates to lead Israel at this tense time.
3. First Azaria now this: some countries just don’t deserve
independence& prosperity...
But the “law” shall be upheld.
4. As Netanyahu said to Olmert: It's time to go!
A prime minister of Israel must know when for the sake of the nation it is time to step down.
Netanyahu must step down so that he can carry out his defense properly without damaging the State of Israel.
5. no fan of gabbay or lapid, kudos for cops
ian   (02.13.18)
no fan of gabbbay who knows zilch about defensible borders; like wise lapid who is like livni, a total ignoramus on security as he proved in the Gaza war with his misjudgment. both also don't know how to negotiate-you don't show your cards up front and you demand something tangible of the other side.

now to the cops and bibi-good for the cops.. from my simple point of view, no one is offering expensive cigars and wine or champagne, and lots of them for nothing. and on it goes.

just as bibi told a lie the other day, a direct lie saying he discussed annexation with trump and then he had to crawl back his statement, he is no longer credible.not only him but his wife will be indicted. likud is going to force him out kicking and screaming.

Israel needs a leader who can take on Hezbollah and Iran. Bennett, feiglin can do it. bibi cannot though he tries, gabbay absolutely cannot do it and would offer to discuss the Golan, and lapid would run to trump who would tell him to buzz off.

so good for the cops for recommending indictment.
6. milchan should also be recommended for indictment
beryl   (02.13.18)
7. Sad
hwi ,   Bonn   (02.13.18)
This man has no decency or he would have already admitted, like a real man, and stepped down. I am very sad for the nation of Israel, and I hope that you will not need to trust such an untrustworthy person to send your own husbands or sons to the next war !
8. just remember ........
steve s   (02.13.18)
Innocent until proven guilty. The State Attorney will determine if the police investigation justifies an indictment. Only then can there be a trial, at which point the accused may defend himself. The outcome of that trial is when guilt or innocence is proven. Prejudging based on media reports is a weak minded sickness.
10. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.....
ZORBA ,   SAFED GREECE   (02.13.18)
11. Leftist morons are undermining the state of Israel...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.13.18)
12. This is the best the police can do? Drop it. Waste of money.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.14.18)
I don't see any true smoking guns. And if anything is smoking, it's a pea-shooter. Netanyahu has kept Israel safe all these years. Unless the police can find multi-million dollar secret bank accounts, vacation properties scattered across the planet, major ownership in companies that he didn't pay for, then just drop this witch hunt.

Compare Netanyahu to the Clintons. The Clintons created their own international slush fund, The Clinton Initiative, in order to squeeze money out of 'donors' around the world. The Clintons 'left the White House broke' but are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

If Netanyahu is some criminal mastermind, the head of some nefarious secret syndicate to enrich himself and provide great advantages to his friends, then PROVE IT.

To attack the PM for receiving paltry gifts over his time in office is ridiculous and a great waste of taxpayer money.

When the PM eventually does leave office, we'll all be able to see how lavishly he lives. If he goes and buys a private jet to go with his private yacht to go to his private island in the Caribbean, then I'll be the first to say, "Call the cops!"

But until that happens, let him do his job. With Syria ready to explode, psycho-Islamopaths in the north and south, we need him focused on his job.

As for the imbecile who initiated this 'investigation,' please know that you should have been investigating the Russian mobsters who have been
running rampant throughout the country. Are you afraid to go after them? Or just maybe, (I hate to say it), maybe you're looking the other way? Maybe you have some Russian friends that you want to remain nameless? Hmm??
13. Well said Glenda
Stan ,   Israel   (02.13.18)
It seems that in the age of Trump and Bibi, facts are called lies by most idiots.
14. It's not just a few cigars
15. police is overstepping its authority
C   (02.13.18)
the role of the police is to investigate alleged crimes.
it is not the role of the police to recommend indictments.
16. c a million shekels in smokes & wine isn't chump change!
toss in the jewelry the Mrs. received.
toss in the apartments that the boys were allowed to use.
and I have a feeling that we are just at the tip of the iceberg.
Naturally innocent until proved guilty.
But there is definitely something very wrong going on at the House on Balfour SStreet
17. C: in Israel it is their role to recommend indictments
JML ,   Israel   (02.14.18)
you must live on Mars where the rules are suited precisely to your particular needs. :P
At the present time, there is no credible alternative to PM Netanyahu ,certainly nobody with much experience of diplomacy / foreign affairs ,economics . He might be unethical by accepting goodies but Netanyahu is leader of Israel and these are dangerous times.
20. Dear PM Netanyahu ,
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (02.14.18)
It could be worse, a lot worse. You could be Harvey Weinstein.
Do not throw the Bibi out with the bathwater .Esecially at such unstable times ..
22. lapid is the weak link as a central witness
jeff   (02.14.18)
to rely on an olmert stooge lapid,as a central witness in the bibi scandals is a really big issue. lapid has been wrong about some significant matters- the gaza war and tunnels, how to fight terror. moreover, he was a lousy finance minister. just watch him in a Charley rose interview in the past, you will see an arrogant ignoramus who shows flashes of peres ignorance(you make peace with your eyes closed, and usa will take care of all the problems).

mandelbilt will want to review carefully the evidence and interview lapid who is not a neutral witness(he is bibi's political opponent).

i really don't trust lapid or most of what he says save for forcing the haredi into the idf. based on everything i know about lapid, i would not rely on his evidence to bring an indictment. mandelbilt had better ensure there is other substantial evidence to indict.

it is not the end of the world though, because bibi is a weak small time fibbing leader whose principal weapon is speech, HIs actions are his weak point. In the current clash up north, you know it was liebermman and bennett calling the shots, not bibi who is not strong.

bennett is much more capable, feiglin is stronger, saar might be better, barkat may be better. Israel needs a strong leader to crush hezbollah in the next war as bibi just does band aids and then runs to the un and us to oversee some arrangement.

you saw how olmert bungled the Hezbollah war . olm ert is not a fighter, never has been and can't take one drop of blood in my opinion. lapid whose dad was buddies with olmert-he learned from olmert, willbring another poor result in the next confrontation, as the idf will have to go all out in savage fighting.. israel cannot afford another olmert.

recall at one time olmert was negotiating a golan giveaway and more. you want assad and nasrolllah sitting on the golan heights???!! you want hamastan sitting on ridges and jordan valley. that is what you will get with lapid!!!! And don't say no one told you so because i tell you so.

lapid and his associates gabbbay and livni at every turn are dying to give back most of the west bank, they denigrate any settlement sayin israel has to separate-. what shmucks!

I am surprised that the cops would rely on lapid as a central witness given his obvious conflicts of interest,.
23. Unfortunately the man we need died at Entebbe.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.14.18)
24. Lapid as Chief Witness against the Opposition??
Yonatan   (02.14.18)
Hillary Clinton would be PROUD of the Israeli Left!

I hear Hillary has some really juicy fabrications, I mean, "evidence" for Lapid to lie about if he needs any more help!

When you cannot win at the ballot box, be it Loser Lapid or Loser Hillary, this is what you do: lie and cheat!
25. That "something wrong" is: you KEEP LOSING ELECTIONS!
Yonatan   (02.14.18)
And Bibi keeps WINNING! Lapid, of the opportunistic Opposition, who CANNOT win fair elections like Bibi has done, again and again and again, is the MAIN WITNESS?

Hillary Clinton would be proud of you Leftist Israelis.
26. No quid pro quo, no bribery
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (02.14.18)
Netanyah did not give Milchan anything tangible or specific for his gifts. The pro business laws he helped pass were just that - pro-business. One cannot seriously argue that he was bribed because he favored a free trade zone or that he helped merge to channels in which MIlchan owned some shares. This is really grasping at straws.

The idea of collusion between Ynet & Bibi is laughable. Ynet has been very biased against Netenyahu & he certainly has done nothing to help them.
27. Bibi, go bye bye!
Ed ,   USA   (02.14.18)
Enough already! Resign and move out of the way so the next generation of leaders can start repairing the damage you've done.
28. Israeli police claims that Knesset laws are bribery
C   (02.14.18)
police claims that extending tax benefits to returning residents amounts
to a bribe of milchan since it would benefit him.
yet this law would benefit thousands of people.
the idea that a law that would benefit thousands is a bribe is lacking in
legal basis.
bribes are offered to individuals, and not by passing laws that benefit
thousands of people.
furthermore, the finance ministry rejected the plan. this proves that
netanyahu did not have the power to engage in this so called bribe.
29. "Tata project"
C   (02.14.18)
first, free trade zones do not exclusively benefit any single individual.
therefore, the setting up of a free trade zone cannot be considered a
bribe for any single person.
second, the tata project did not materialise since it went against the
recommendations of the defence establishment and would have cost
the state too much money.
a project which is not materialised because of objections from
members of political establishment, cannot be considered a
bribe under the law. it is not sufficient to have an intent to
bribe, assuming such was the intent. the bribe has to have a
material component.
30. US visa
C   (02.14.18)
milchan has provided israel with much help during his life.
therefore, netanyahu's attempt to help milchan get a us
visa is not a bribe but a thank you note.
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