Opinion  Sima Kadmon
Police recommendations are beginning of Netanyahu's political demise
Sima Kadmon
Published: 14.02.18, 13:41
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1. "Political demise" that could take at least another 4 years
Jake   (02.14.18)
2. Trial by Accusation?
Brian   (02.14.18)
Does YNet live by "Innocent until presumed guilty"?
The police recomendation is not an indictment.
An Indictment isn't a trial.
A trial ENDS before a verdict is declared.

All that now exists is a recommendation. YNet commits "trial by press".
3. Cheap authors
Daniel Ben-Hillel ,   Kyriat Yam   (02.14.18)
Mrs. Kadmon, do you really believe that at those high positions 1 million shekels (roughly € 250.000) plays a role?
Your problem Madam is that you don't earn that money in 3 years and YOU are ready to sell yourself for much less.
Please go home and think about the silly image you are giving, politicians don't move a finger for less than € 5 million! They earn big, big money and they need to be rich in order to enter politics.
4. sima jumping for joy
harold   (02.14.18)
i think you speak too soon. if mandelbilt indicts, there will be a trial. bibi 's lawyers will tear lapid apart on the stand.

apparently bibi and milchan gave gifts before he was pm, so that was their custom. so while it was excessive it may not technically be a violation of law.

lastly certain alleged bribes never came to fruition ie not like in the past where money passed hands.

yes a pm's hands have to be clean. i am not sure bibi was the driver of all of this. and if bibi is indicted, what about milchan and others?

i am not even sure bibi will be indicted not with the revelation of lapid as a central witness. i don't trust lapid, his politics aside.

bibi has his own problems, he exaggerates and lies but he himself is not crooked .Maybe he got pushed into it.

in any case, it is time for a change, and bennett would be far better leader, stronger and more comfortable in his own skin. bibi is not, he is insecure.

the thought of gabbay and lapid as leaders is nauseating as terrror will increase manyfold. Israellis have shown before they can vote for someone where blood will flow in the streets-ehud barak, olmert and livni

sima. we had your heroes olmert livni and herzog. keep them. Now gabbay-we are not interested.

after all the speculation, if bibi is indicted, he should step down. no one is king, he had long enough to serve, he will drag likud down the toilet and let a pacifist take over israel.
5. Cowboy Saloon sign-Dont shoot our pianist.He only one we got
Alan   (02.14.18)
Police recomendation to prosecute Bibi is a joke.The best PM Israel got since Ben Gurrion.and they want him for cigars ,jewellery and champagne and one or two other silly gifts. Also Democrats and NY Times etc CNN are worse examples of politicians and media .inter reactions. If he EVER does go I hope Naftali Bennet succeeds him-another great Israeli Politiciac
6. resigning?
rivka   (02.14.18)
still the best man to run the country. Has my vote
7. Is this a Joke?
Ed ,   USA   (02.14.18)
The chief witness against Netanyahu is his political opponent? Is this a joke? Can anyone take this seriously?
8. “May those who inform on their people have no hope”
5thColumnLeft ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.18)
May the Leftists never see power again
9. Bye bye Nutsyyyahu huu uuu. For the love of g.d let us have
Tehraniporou   (02.14.18)
Shaked in heels as PM, she will be the best ambassador Israel has. Lieberman is also doing a good job as defense minister, he may well be one day the prime minister. I just can't stand Bennett
10. Leftist wishfull thinking is at a frenzy
tiki ,   belgium   (02.14.18)
The hyena's are circling.......but there isn't a corpse yet.

So, until there is the hyena's will have to wait to have their feast.
11. Laughable
andy ,   jersualem   (02.14.18)
The political left needs to grow up. This is not watergate ! At best this is just a puddle and you are treating it like a waterfall ! Seriously - you are doing more damage by clutching at every straw that may be out of place by any person in office, be it Olmert or Netanyahu.

Ynet - You are doing more damage to this country than you are doing good.
12. ynot news
i will be handing out candys when bibi is indicted...rofl
13. This happened against Trump now reached Clinton - same here?
14. sham police recommendations
C   (02.14.18)
gifts from one friend to another is not bribery, especially if there is no
quid pro quo.
at most, milchan received help with us visa, help which he richly
deserved given all the services he rendered israel in a long

laws passed by knesset which affect many thousands of people,
cannot be considered a bribe.
the favourable tax laws initially passed under the olmert government
were rescinded under the netanyahu government. so there is
no bribery there.
the tata project did not materialise due to political opposition.
so how can that be a bribe.

the police recommendations are base purely on guesses about
the prime minister's intent.
intent is not sufficient to prove bribery. the charge of bribery
must have a material component under the law.
15. Bibi is going down,
shachar ,   Eilat   (02.15.18)
he will be kicking and screaming all the way but he will see the inside of a jail cell after turning down an easy plea bargain...just like all the other crooked politicians. Bibi doesn't believe he's corrupt and he has his lawyers to blame for that. But it is also his closest confidantes that he betrayed along the way that are sending him down. Lapid is a red herring, Ari Harow is the one who is sending him down.
16. Do leftist "journalists" ever get fired for incompetence?
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.15.18)
How many times does a fake leftist "journalist" have to be totally and provably wrong before they get fired? Do leftist journalists ever get fired for incompetence? Just asking.
17. Immorality
Michael ,   Raanana   (02.17.18)
Sima proves once again that she is a fascist pig that has no respect for democracy.
18. Crooked left can't win an election
Mordechai   (02.18.18)
The crooked left can't win an election so it tries to remove the elected Prime Minister through bogus charges.

Indeed if Yediot's owner tried to bribe the Prime Minister why isn't the police charging Moises its owner with offering a bribe. By logic Yediot should be shut down and Kadmon lose her salary if these charges are true.
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