Netanyahu's big problem: Evidence has rules of its own
Moran Azulay
Published: 15.02.18, 10:14
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1. As Yediot tried to bribe the Prime Minister
Mordecahi   (02.15.18)
As Yediot tried to bribe the Prime Minister shouldn't it be outlawed as a criminal enterprise
2. "the police recommendations are firm, decisive and reasoned"
C   (02.15.18)
now, how would you know that before the state prosecutor and the
attorney general make their legal determinations.

in a country like israel, it is not journalists who make legal determinations.
such determinations are made by the courts.
3. lapid as a witness is a problem
geroge   (02.15.18)
unless there is independent confirmation that bibi was going to change the milchan law to 20 years to give milchan extended tax break years, lapid is too conflicted as a witness to be credible.

we know from politics that he is not candid-he says one thing in judea and antoher thing in tel aviv. he also worked for milchan,

that he is a pollitical opponent of bibi's is before us. i simply do not put weight to what he says . i am surprised the cops would make him a central witness.

having said this, i believe bibi should step down. he is a small time chroninc bs artist who lies to his coalition on annexation and concessions. he lies his teeth off. so he should go. he and his wife will be busy.
4. soverignty bill put off again
ray   (02.15.18)
there is no end to bibi's cowardice. he is going to germany so the bill is put off again. anything to avoid a decision one way or another. this man is gutless in the extreme.

he repeats constantly, coordinate with trump, afraid of trump, we can't do anything without trump.

he is more like herzog and gabbay than likud. bennett is 10 x bibi.

well, mandelbilt will indict bibi and his wife and no amount of fiery speeches will help this spoiled pm/
5. trumps peace plan is worse for israel than obama's
marv   (02.15.18)
trump, a world affairs novice could care less about israel. his peace plan has the plo using ben gurion airport. are you ready for this? You have a hapless coward as pm who cannot say no to trump. he tells us that.

forget about trump caring more about israel. he wants a deal to feed his ego. giving plo part of ben gurion airport is death for israel who has to be able to tell trump no. bibi can't say no. throw him out. he is a liar 100%.
6. in a country like Israel the Judicial branch not...
the MKs in the Legislative branch make legal determinations related to indictiments
7. Evidence must itself be weighed and analyzed.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (02.18.18)
8. Let the chips fall where they may. We CAN do even better
without the "irreplaceable" Netanyahu!
I used to think differently, but not anymore.
Let us choose a fitting, nationalistic leader, for the times that are ahead.....
9. Slander is a political tool.
Brad   (02.19.18)
Over here we recently had a great conservative candidate for an Alabama U.S. Senate seat in a special election. Then a blizzard of women popped up accusing him of sexual harassment. Their me too me too accusations were self refuting or just plain slander for all to see, but they carried the day anyway. As a result, the opposition liberal candidate who should've been defeated easily, won a close election. All of a sudden, the women who made the accusations disappeared. No lawsuits, no charges, no follow up of any kind. The liars and their lies carried the day and got the intended result, and so they and the media bubbleheads moved on. You might want to think twice before you get rid of a prime minister who's actually on the side of Israel. Israel's enemies would love that.
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