Justice Ministry: AG, state attorney 'work in full coordination' with police
Published: 15.02.18, 12:05
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1. corruption?
tiki ,   belgium   (02.15.18)
When comparing the 'gifts & corruption' to the years in office, successes & accomplishments for the State of Israel, Netanyahu's 'misdeeds' are small potatoes and nothing more than hysteria from jealous & small minded people.

In comparison to the corruption in the rest of the world (yes, in the EU as well) Netanyahu is a saint.
2. AG Mandelblit, prove your case beyond reasonable doubt
C   (02.15.18)
please keep in mind that laws passed by the knesset cannot be claimed
to be bribery of any individual.
please keep in mind that gifts given by friends are not bribes, but gifts.
please keep in mind that actions taken by the government that affect
many people, cannot be considered bribes for the benefit of one
person among the many.
please keep in mind that even if the facts you present are true, those
facts do not support the legal claim of bribery.
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