To prevent a war, Israel must create an Assad-Iran rift
Giora Eiland
Published: 20.02.18, 23:58
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1. Trade Crimea to Russia so Israel can steal all of Palestine?
Steve Benassi   (02.21.18)
2. Tehraniporou, where are you? Iran, Iran Iran, Iran, Iran
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.21.18)
3. Paper Tiger Iran has no chance vs Superpower Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.21.18)
4. Whoever wrote this article has seen too many movies.
Assad   (02.21.18)
5. How "brilliant" of Eiland! So now, suddenly Assad will fold
when faced with losing a shed here, a rocket launcher there, maybe a tank or two...?
6. correct analysis but......
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.21.18)
The Iranians have consolidated their presence in Syria so much and Assad has lost power too much that it is too late for Israel or even Russia to change the equation. The only solution is the total disappearance of the Alawiite regime and the creation of a new democratic Syria. Unfortunately this must be done despite Russia rather than in coordination with it. Only a heavy and aggressive intervention by the US could produce tangible results of this sort...but the Americans are too reluctant to do it for domestic considerations and also because they don't want to collide with the Russians.
7. Give the mail to a nice W. European country.
Ralph ,   Houston   (02.21.18)
Time to eliminate Assad and his family, if he does not understand how to send some of his friends home. This is the only policy that he will understand clearly.
8. It is israel who badly wants the WAR.This "analysis" is FAKE
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (02.21.18)
Israel very very badly wants the fight not with Syria, but with Iranian forces in Syria, and at the same time obviously to "punish" Assad.
WON'T work.
Russia was always and is supporting Syria.
Like Obama and Trump said, israel on its own now.
Israel thinks of itself as a superpower. Maybe it was, in the 1970s.
Since 1982 Lebanon war, israeli army DID NOT have any experience in a real war. These idiotic mini "wars" in Gaza and in other places, ALL FAILED miserably. Israel is going to loose any war in the future, unless it uses nukes. But then it's gonna be a suicide. The more israel gets aggressive and obsessive with Assad and Iran, the more isolated it is, even from world jewry.
Because israel today has become an ugly duckling.
9. an excellent article & concept... but far from certain of
Rafi ,   US   (02.21.18)
success... In fact it could go badly astray... and lead to even worse outcomes for Israel.

But under the circumstances, Israel does not have a lot of options. As Assad and his regime are largely a shell at this point, it is really a question of splitting Russia and Iran... And those imperial powers do indeed have differing long-term objectives in Syria.

Regarding "component 3" Lebanon - the strategy seems not particularly compelling, well thought-out. Let's say ALL regional parties (except Iran) do agree that a new Israel-Lebanon war would be devastating....

What next? How do you propose to neutralize or remove Hezbollah - by far the largest armed force in Lebanon?

Who exactly is going to take on THAT task?

10. Next episode of GOT or the script for some C movie?
Avi L.   (02.21.18)
Is it the next episode of Game Of Thrones or the script for some Seagal starred C movie?

It's once more pure nonsense.
11. Here it comes again 1
Avi L.   (02.21.18)
Giora set piece strategy consisting in hitting hard the part that has no control on the situation but legitimize the real enemy of Israel.

Against Hezballah who holds Lebanon hostage, Giora sole strategy consists in destroying Lebanon, hopping that the "state of Lebanon" will kick out or subdue its kidnapper ... as if Putin and Donald would leave Israel do it? Or the "international community"?

Against Iran who holds Syria hostage, Giora propose the same clueless strategy consisting in hitting hard Assad to the point he would kick Iran ourt of the country.

Anything more clueless?

Hoping that Putin takes Assad side ... against Israel most probably ...

From the evidence that Assad doesn't want a clobbering from anybody, last of all Israel, Giora spins another of his baseless coffee table scenarios.

12. Here it comes again 2
Avi L.   (02.21.18)
According to the writer hitting and leaving Assad even more defenceless would separate him from the only support he has to stay standing.

No way Assad can be separated from Iran, unless someone else steps in and supports him and no one seems able nor willing to take Iran's role.

The seven dwarfs are missing from this scenario, are they to be parachuted on Damascus before or after the air strikes?

What is the danger, Assad or Iran?

So let's focus on how to remove this threat.

Who is keeping and legitimizing Iran's and Putin's presence in Syria?
Who is the pin holding everything together?


13. Here it comes again 3
Avi L.   (02.21.18)
But Giora dares not or doesn't seem to understand that.

Beyond the fact that clobbering what remains of Assad forces, one doesn't weakens Iran but Hezballah who will have to invest more gunmen to contain sunnis ... from going to Beeka and slaughtering shias.

Assad isn't there anymore, he wasn't even invited at the summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey on the future of Syria.

Assad is only the skin of the glove where Putin, Khameney and Erdogan are doing the actual action.

Giora wants to stop Iran?

Take off Assad from the equation.

Scary? Scarier than Iran at the gates with underground factories churning out precision guidance kits for missiles?

Giora then goes on spinning more fantasyland nonsense where "American-Russia dialogue" and other pipedreams bla bla bla.

Previous episodes of "let's destroy everything because I have no clue".



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