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In prison I understood Israelis want peace, says released Palestinian murderer
Elior Levy
Published: 15.02.18, 17:20
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1. When they did what they did they're very young...
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (02.16.18)
Occupation always always produces resistance. There is no way to stop it.
New generations will do the same as these people did, as long as resistance exists. One murder, two murders, 10 murders, 100 murders...nobody cares, not israeli government, and nobody else, except the families. Next day or week, it is all forgotten, and the occupation continues, and so is resistance.
2. Stockholm Syndrome
Steve Benassi   (02.16.18)
3. 'converted' terrorists.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.16.18)
Telling us sob stories about how they cried when a bus was blown apart etc.etc.etc. That's why most of them return to terror when out of prison.

Disappointed that in Israel's social protests the 'Palestinian occupation is the main reason for the social problems in Israel' weren't mentioned.

Someone should tell this 'converted' terrorist that that's precisely the point.

Arab Palestinian problems aren't Israeli problems but theirs!

It's their leadership who occupies them with their hate inflicting brainwashing policies!

If they would start implementing positivity, coexistence & peace instead of aggression, hate & terror .......the 'occupation' will find a solution.

Until then this 'converted' terrorist should start practicing his new found wisdom and share it with the brainwashed younger generations by convincing them that Israeli's indeed want peace & normalization.

Let's see if he survives this message of understanding & peace.
4. #1 Iron Butterfly Not true
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (02.16.18)
"Occupation always always produces resistance."
The native American lost many battles and later 'swore never to war no
They live in peace in 'occupied America' they own businesses, educate their own and make US all proud to watch their stunning progress.
Ignorance like yours perpetrates violence which is the same for the uneducated violent Arab so called Palestinians who after 70 years have learned nada, zilch, nothing except how to send their young off to die in vain.
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