Poland freezes Holocaust survivors' property restitution bill
Itamar Eichner, Associated Press
Published: 15.02.18, 20:51
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1. the battle of tired historic baggage lurches yet onward
Cameron   (02.15.18)
2. No wonder the world makes jokes about them!
manic drummer ,   Haifa   (02.15.18)
They deserve every one.
3. It was all the time about the money,as always with Poles
ab   (02.15.18)
When Mayor of Warsaw or acting Generals of the Polish Army revealed barely a few weeks ago at dealing with properties seized from Jews by those who denounced them to the Germans ,it's clear the "law" would follow denying
denouncing Jews to Nazis ever happened in Poland .
And idiotic Israel is still transferring military technology to this treacherous country which spoils for selling the very same technology to Iranians
4. fact
szs ,   Warsaw   (02.15.18)
"Poland, in fact, remains the only major European country that has not yet enacted a law for the restitution of Jewish property seized by the Nazis or the country's regime. "

Poland done it for all not only for Jews!
5. The Poles didn't learn anything...
yospit64   (02.15.18)
F**k the nationalist, white supremacist, antisemitic Polish government! This is what populism and nationalism brings to nations who supports it, just Neo Nazis roaming freely chanting their antisemitic songs. WE will fight them with all our might and with ANY means available.
6. Polands good name what a joke
DOV ,   USA   (02.16.18)
7. what else is new. they killed many returning Jews.
jos rech ,   la   (02.16.18)
one of them was my friend's dad
8. March of the Living is Over
mordechai ,   san francisco, ca   (02.16.18)
I am telling you that any guide who is heard giving any tour to a group to any of the Concentration, Labor or Death Camps can be arrested because any mention about Poles that is unflattering -- even if true -- makes a person subject to arrest or prosecution. And this will be done to kick the Jewish groups for such trips out of Poland. Mark my words. 100%
9. history is a bitch
mordechai ,   san francisco, ca   (02.16.18)
but if you want to call it "baggage" because you want to offend the victims, i.e. Jews, then go ahead.
10. Have you advanced the Palestinian Property Restitution Bill?
Carol ,   NYC   (02.16.18)
What happened to the property of those you chased away? Did you return it? Or is it only Jews that get to reclaim their property?
11. Hurting Poland's good name.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.16.18)
For this they don't need any outside help.
12. what about all the poles that jews have murdered?
mike   (02.16.18)

is israel or are the jewish organisations planning to reimburse poles for the victims of jewish murderers?
13. @ "tiki, belgium" re: "You mean the huts, or the tents?"
Iron Duke   (07.14.18)
You obviously know nothing about history, or are a deliberate liar. Historical records of the time, including extremely detailed census records and economic surveys, show that not only were the Palestinians engaged in thriving and highly-productive agricultural enterprises, their productivity per area unit of cultivated land was every bit as high, acre-for-acre, as the paltry 7% of Palestinian land properties that had been acquired by the foreign Zionist colonists. The Zionists didn't "make the desert bloom"; the Palestinians had already beaten them to it. And things barely ever got better for the Zionists. Even at the height of the investment in the kibbutz movement decades later, the Israeli state project still could barely match the per-acre crop yields of nearby Lebanon (a country with very similar topographic profile to Palestine, but which had been ravaged by multiple wars and had lower levels of per-acre capital investment in agriculture). In short, the whole "making the desert bloom" canard is nothing but tired propaganda, not backed by facts. Essentially, it is Israel's version of the "Potemkin villages".
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