5 years later, Syrian wounded no longer surprised to be let into Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 17.02.18, 12:18
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1. Ugly Israeli cringers,as if caring for Hamas chieftains fami
ab   (02.17.18)
-lies ,why ,for Hamas terrorists from Gaza too ,at Israeli hospitals has done any good.
Besides reinforcing contempt they feel for Yahudi Dhimmies of course and raising new generations of healthy jihadis.
2. And that says it all
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.17.18)
Whether you agree we should be helping the "enemy" or not that is the paramount difference between Israel and those that call us killers,malignant, etc etc.
Dr Salman Zarka is the head of Ziv Hospital, is Druze and a distinguished member of the IDF.Together with other Druze,Jews,Israeli Arabs show the true face of the state of Israel and that is what gets up the noses of our accusers.
3. G-D BLESS IDF, Gen. Yair Golan, Dr Salman Zarka !
Rafi ,   US   (02.17.18)
4. absolutely great charity
Lou ,   Bucharest   (02.17.18)
This is Jewish people whom, as a non Jewish I admire from the bottom of nu heart. While others are criminals and preoccupied only how to kill more people , others, regardless of the nationality of those in need, regardless of the fact that maybe they are related to ennemies, help. That's making the difference in the wirkd. Goodyear for you Mr. Morris Kahn
5. Israel/Syrian Druze are family mostly hostile to Israel
Hopefully this has/will create a bond between the Syrian Druze and Israel as there is no reason for the hostility today when the communities are so connected. As for Christians/Sunni and the other minorities in Syria hopefully they will remember that Israel stood with the rebels and Kurds when they rose up against their oppressors. Of course, if there are any left as the Shiite armies continue their regional conquest.
6. More of the gullible do-goodders thinking, that by showing
kindness we somehow shall affect the doctrine of Islam!
How dumb, for how long can we go on?
We're not Christians, for Pete's sake and we don't turn the other cheek....
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