4 soldiers wounded near Gaza border as explosive device is set off
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy and Ilana Curiel
Published: 17.02.18, 20:59
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1. Hurry ,admit more Gazans for free treatmen at Israeli hospit
ab   (02.17.18)
-als,jump.ya Israeli putzes
2. " Is it transshipped by the IDF itself? "
A ,   OutThere   (02.17.18)
No, Porky Sherry, it's personally delivered by Hussein Obama himself, cleverly disguised as a Christian.

3. robots and 1km from fence
lyle   (02.17.18)
barak perhaps and yaalon permitted expansion of gaza farmers right up to fence. prior to that, a no mans land was declared 500m-1km from fence,. yaalon and possibly barak possibly changed that. mistake number one.

mistake 2,

idf combat engineering must use robots to trigger suspicious flags objects rather than use soldiers bodies as tripwire. robots exist so bloody well use them.
Israel has the technology whether sounds/smell/waves to keep anyone away from the border why are they not using it.

The smell bombs where used against the Yerushalmi faction. I know sound waves have been used to clear riots in Judea and Sumeria, why not use these technologies to prevent any increase in violence?
5. Mr.
Roland ,   london England   (02.17.18)
This "Tit for Tat" has gone on too long.It is not "News" any more.In my opinion,this will continue until the Gazans can't take anymore, of an overwhelming Israeli response (of a many days constant bombardment both day and night. ).This "Fiddling about " only will only gather many more casualties .The generals don't seem to acknowledge that a harsher response is needed. What would they do if one of their sons and daughters went through this 'hell' ?Do they have to ask the public what should be done ?
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