IDF attacks 18 Gaza targets after rocket hits Israeli home in south
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy
Published: 18.02.18, 08:19
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1. And hateful Gazans'll be admited to Israeli hospitals,as usu
ab   (02.17.18)
-al,Israeli dhimmis can't stop being subservient
2. "contact mother ship for instructions-"very funny.goodcoment
Alan ,   SA   (02.18.18)
3. 1 rocket hits roof, means possible missile guidance system
Steve Benassi   (02.18.18)
4. Why not attack multiple tunnels and outposts and arm depots
Sam ,   Montreal   (02.18.18)
Israel's timid response encourages Palestinians to keep attacking.
5. Hamas itself is a rogue organisation
C   (02.18.18)
there will be no peace as long as the political ideology of islam exists.

europe will pay a heavy price for its support of islamists.
the islamists are willing to die in their war against the infidels.
they are willing to die even if they gain no advantage.
the islamists are satisfied to destroy the western way of life.
indeed, that is their major goal.
6. Israel has fired rockets upon itself to justify ...
ZIPPY'S USED CARS ,   Levittown, NY   (02.18.18)
a military response . Israel cannot just out of the blue attack. So a reason is created quid pro quo.
7. Russia's active measures have nothing to do with Trump
C   (02.18.18)
russia has been engaging in political warfare against the united states
and its allies since soviet times.
to this day, russia is trying to weaken the usa and allies through
these active measures which include the setting up of front
organisations such as a world without nuclear weapons.
obama and catherine ashton belonged to that organisation.
russia also uses proxies and so called liberation organisations
to fight against western democratic values.
hence, russia has always supported arab terror organisations
and armed them against the jewish state.
the russians have always allied themselves with enemies of
the west.
today, russia is allied with the genocidal shia terror regime
of iran and its proxies and allies.
putin is a full supporter of assad who has slaughtered
half a million syrians.
russia prevents peace in syria.
russia also supports north korea, which is allied with iran.
the left, including most western journalists, are immeasurably
hostile to trump. they are irresponsible and false in their
reporting on world events. their reporting gives aid and
comfort to the enemies of the west, of which russia
is in the front place.
8. IAF please return to Gaza tonight
Alan   (02.18.18)
9. Gaza strikes
Leonard   (02.18.18)
Israel is clearly taking out its frustrations over the downed F16 on the Gazans.
What a heroic achievement.
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