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Polish PM pays respects to Nazi collaborators underground group
Itamar Eichner and AP
Published: 18.02.18, 12:38
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1. Morawiecki strikes me as
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
Someone who would drive his car off a cliff to test the air brakes.
Next he will be erecting a statue of Adolf Hitler in Warsaw as a saviour of the polish nation.
2. Stop talking,stop transfer missile technology to Poland,
ab   (02.18.18)
it'll end up in Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Quacks like a duck, swims like a's a duck.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.18.18)
This PM was an anti Semite, is an anti Semite & will stay an anti Semite.
Stop arguing with him!
4. This Polish govt acts like it has absolutely nothing to lose
5. Besides the expected reaction on our part: WHAT gives?!
The Poles (present government) act like a lunatic, that gets up one morning and decides to shoot his fellow schoolmates (favorite pastime in the US)
There must be some deeper reason for this pathology.....!
I am not buying this cheap "Poles were/are antisemites by birth" (although it looks like that)
6. The Polish Leaders Victims of Active Measures
rr56   (02.18.18)
Only this can explain their absolutely outrageous betrayal of morality.

I think it may have produced nice profits.
7. 17 million murdered by Nazis, not just Jews
Steve Benassi   (02.19.18)
8. What's With This Joker?
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (02.19.18)
Poland is going out of its way to antagonize the Jewish people. Some 70 years after WWII, Poland passes a crazy law prohibiting anyone from speaking of "Polish death camps". Now the Polish President says the Jews, not the Poles were complicit in their own murder! We Jews always knew from our parents that the Poles were the worst, now this generation gets to experience their evil first hand.
9. How long are you & the Poles gonna piss on eachother?
Cameron   (02.19.18)
10. the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade
Tomek ,   Lublin   (02.19.18)
"After originally fighting against the Germans, the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade changed tactics toward the end of the war by collaborating with the Wehrmacht, hoping to forge an alliance that would stave off the imminent Soviet takeover of the country." - seems like a smart move to me. Besides, this brigade also liberated Flossenbürg concentration camp and together with the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division liberated Plzeň.
11. It's a right wing antisemitic government stupid!
Pienica Robert ,   Antwerp   (02.19.18)
Why are we surprised? There was a pogrom in Poland in 1948 only 3 years after thé camps were liberated. In 1968 20000 jews had to flee. Poland doesn't want Jews or kosher meat. Simple
12. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Tosia   (02.20.18)
Even in my dreams I was not able to imagine the ocean of rabbles and primitivism shown here by critics of the Polish Prime Minister.
13. Morawiecki understands force so just $hoot him.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.21.18)
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