Netanyahu vows to hit Iran directly, if necessary
Alexander J. Apfel and News Agencies
Published: 18.02.18, 11:57
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1. All actions by Western Nations show support for Iran
2. So stop this insane transfer of military technology to Polan
ab   (02.18.18)
-d,it will end up in Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. No, he will not "hit" anyone (unfortunately)
4. PM Begin didn't talk he took action! PM Netanyahu talks big~
History Buff ,   Israel   (02.18.18)
but does nothing.

PM Begin knew that actions speak louder than words. He was excellent at quietly taking action to protect Israel. (Ref: Iraqi reactor)
PM Netanyahu is just an empty barrel rolling down the highway making a great deal of noise because all of his visual aids are just rattling away inside him.
5. Genocidal Shia Terror Regime must be destroyed
C   (02.18.18)
israel cannot live with being under constant threat of annihilation.

iran is led by fanatical unstable leaders whose motivation is purely
religious in nature.

israel never had a problem with iran until the country was taken
over by the shia terror regime.
this regime today is the premier terror regime in the world.
not only does it terrorise its won population, but it sends
members of the al quds forces and shi terror forces of hezbollah
to kidnap, blow up, murder citizens on foreign soil.
furthermore, iran has become an imperial power which has attacked
and occupied numerous states in the larger middle east.
iran's goals are:
build nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them.
destroy the sole sovereign jewish state.
become the sole hegemony in the middle east and thereby
establish itself as a world power that can threaten the present
major powers.
the way of thinking and methodology of this rogue regime is very
similar to that of nazi germany.
6. Netanyahu's Lebensraum Policies have killed peace
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
Netanyahu is a loquacious liar and propagandist who thinks Hasbara is everything. Otherwise, he is a visionless and corrupt political animal, bereft of wisdom and historical far-sight. Thanks to his arrogance, impetuousness and megalomania, Israel has already lost the future. His Lebensraum drive in the West Bank has already killed any genuine chance for a prospective Palestinian state, leaving Israel with one & only solution: one state for all. What will Netanyahu do with 8.2 million Palestinians between the River and the Sea? Poison them? deport them? nuke them? It is to these people and their descendents Israel will be bequeathed eventually. 70 years are nothing in the annals of history. Netanyahu and his likes are a disaster on Jews.
The Bible says the heart of the fool is in his mouth. Netanyahu is a fool.

7. Poland is member of Nato, doesn't need Israel's technology
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
Israel stands to lose from the current standoff with Poland. Poland is not Sissi's Egypt.
8. two reasons for western pandering to Iran:
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
1- economic and business contracts,

2- Many countries and governments are fed up with Israel's mendacity, hyperboles, and far-fetched exaggerations about Iran. Israel, which has been carrying out a slow-motion holocaust in Gaza, is no victim. Israel is a perpetual aggressor. This makes everyone hate Israel and the Jews, too.
9. Bibi is preaching to the choir with what could be a prop.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (02.18.18)
Who carries, displays hence contaminating for analysis a valuable piece of evidence for an indictment to start WWIII?
And isn't Bibi practically under indictment himself?
10. Russia & Iran have our drone technology.
Katanga ,   Israel   (02.18.18)
No you say? Well then let me remind you that Minister Uri Ariel gifted Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with one of our very best spanking new functional drones choke full of technology back in November of 2016 when Mr. Medvedev visited Israel.

No this is not fake news...just ask the heads of the IDF, the ISA and the Mossad, they all plotzed as Mr. Ariel impulsively gifted Mr. Medvedev with one of our best drones!

And what did Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu say back then? Nothing, he said absolutely nothing!
11. bibi can't shut up and act
joe   (02.18.18)
bibi is forever begging the world. shut up already. are you a coward or what? Take action and let it talk for you. your constant begging harms Israel deterrence. your band aid solutions calm for calm just puts the problem for tomorrow. instead of hitting 200 hamas targets, you hit 15. unstead of wiping out iranian factories in syria that threaten israel, you hit a dozen. anti-aircraft sites. you are a damn failure in the mold of herog livni and lapid.

you have been played for a sucker by putin giving him israel\s plans which he immediately transfers to iran and syria, He notices your pleading and begging to take care of iran because you don't have it to take major action.

not to worry Israel. mandelbilt will indict you and your wife sara. and then good riddance to your bs.

bennett is 10 x the security man you are. I do not understand why the idf did not move you to a desk job. no commando worth his stripes is such a coward as you.
12. Netanyahu's futile thratrics
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
Netanyahu is indulging in futile theatrics. A discredited liar won't win people's hearts and minds once his credibility is lost. Netanyahu has simply lost his credibility. Even his closest ally has called him a liar. And in Israel his political future looks precarious. Yes, he is a skilful liar who has outlived his usefulness.....usefulness to himself and his country.
13. This shtick of presenting "stuff' is becoming his tired
trademark. So does his inaction.
I am beginning to understand that we must let him go....
He is indeed not irreplaceable.
Time for a real leader.
Times they are a'changing, so must we.
Bibi served us well, but a little too long.
Bye- bye love.....fare thee well in the winds of Druuuuucker & Co!
14. Netanyahu is a irredeemable liar
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
He says the US is the only country that can facilitate the so-called peace process.
This is not true. The US has been involved in peace-making since William Rogers in the late 1960s. The result is a big zero Why? Because Washington is an Israeli-occupied territory. America is simply run by Zionism Trump isn more responsible to Israel and AIPAC than to American voters. Didn't Sharon say "we control America and the stupid Americans
know it."
15. Sam the liar
Khalid Amayreh   (02.18.18)
Do you think a country that builds 400 colonies and settlements on neighbor's territories want peace?
Do you think a country that transfers half a million of its citizens to live on land that doesn't belong to them want peace? Give me an honest answer If you can instead of indulging in this nonsense!

But I think you are not capable of being honest.
16. Sam: Jewish fascism is rejectd even by Jews
Khalid Amayreh   (02.18.18)
Goyem................. untermenschen
Chosen people.......master raxe----ubermenschen
Gaza.......................Ghetto Warsaw

You simply don"t know what you are talking about. Israel is not a real normal state. Israel is a crime against humanity.
17. If not Bibi, who? Aviv Geffen? Geffen, Clinton & Obama...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.18.18)
placated Israel's enemies and allowed Iran to get as far as it has.
18. Nazism is your religion. Moses is my Prophet
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.18)
When and if Jews think, behave and act like the Nazis thought, behaved and acted, they obviously become Nazis.

The Naziz wished to exterminate all Jews
And you apparently wish to exterminate all MUslims! So, what is the difference?
Rafi ,   US   (02.18.18)
by changing the topic from his deep corruption and performing childish stunts!

All should realize that Bibi's a professional demagogue/ liar that Israel would be better without!

Please give serious consideration to NEAR-TERM RESIGNATION!
20. Threatening Iran ??? Iran can hit israel too, PM knows that
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (02.19.18)
21. Bibi: Wait if you can and let haShem deal with Iran. There
Rivkah   (02.19.18)
are plates of the Earth that converge in Elam (Western Iran where the nuclear power plants are located). With the Earth changes the Russians believe will happen in late 2019 or 2020, those plates as will other plates of the Earth will shift and Iran will be terribly affected and crippled by earthquakes and the shifting of the plates of the Earth in Elam. Wait, if possible, on haShem. He will not fail Israel.
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