High-speed train to Jerusalem delayed by 6 months
Asaf Zagrizak
Published: 22.02.18, 10:23
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1. Surprise surprise
Disillusioned   (02.22.18)
Mr Photo-Opp is one thing. The poor productivity in the country is quite another. As it is, the system is in fact years behind the times. One can travel from 300 kms in Europe in HALF time that we're being treated to 50 kms in 30 minutes.!

For most people just getting to the train stations from 2 kms away takes 30 minutes and as none of the stops are near the station. And then the chaos of buying the tickets because even that, now, is 30 year old technology

And if that isn't unimpressive enough, nobody in the periphery that Katzie has always wanted to push, will have any benefit whatsoever, because he didn't bother to build underground trains instead of tens of billions spent on a system that is obsolete even before the project is a third of the way through.

Well done, Katzie.

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