Report: Walla! chief's recordings convinced AG to launch Bezeq probe
Eli Senyor
Published: 22.02.18, 23:38
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1. As a matter of fact Netanyahu deserves the MOST favorable
there is!
Best PM we've ever had.
2. leaks
David Mard ,   NY   (02.23.18)
How all these leaks are getting out, who is the leaker, this the real crime, i will assume all are right Netanyahu didn't did that for money just did that to get ride of ugly media,
3. Is there hard proof that Bibi gave him something in return?
Skeptic ,   Brazil   (02.23.18)
Here comes the Israeli Police again, accusing the PM of taking bribes without proving beyond a doubt that he actually gave the guy something in return. Do these people know how bribery works? It's a TRADE, if you do a politician a favor and he gives you nothing in return, it's not bribery.

Everyone with half a brain knows what the police and the judicial elite (and some politicians - I'm looking at you, Yair Lapid) are doing - it's a trial by the media. What they don't undestand, however, is that the public isn't taking the bait.
4. ...
Agnes Losonczi   (02.23.18)
Ynet tries to take out two of its opponents with one article: a business competition and and a political-personal one, the PM.
5. Role reversal?
L Mayor ,   Penllyn   (02.23.18)
The left can`t stand it when a non left wing publication uses its tactics. How does this constitute a crime, as, if it did, ALL left wing media would be criminals.
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