Poland, Israel plan talks to reword Holocaust law
Itamar Eichner, news agencies
Published: 25.02.18, 10:28
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1. Gog-Hasan(Cauc-asian)
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (02.25.18)
This Devil has one helluva "Time Machine".
2. good. Re-fighting WW 2 is a totally pointless exercise
Rafi ,   US   (02.25.18)
3. No reason to change the agreed law
Jack ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.25.18)
The new imposed law by the Polish Parliament does not neglect Holocaust, but neglects the participation of the Polish state in the Holocaust . Individual cases of collaboration with Nazis during the II World World apply to all the European nations.
4. No need to talk
Tova   (02.25.18)
The law has been implemented. You can;t change it. No matter how you word. Polish government was and is very deliberate on removing any association to their involvement in the holocaust.

There is nothing Israel should do. It won;t change how the Polish government or people think of Jews. Politics does not change a heart of stone.

History is recorded. There are more important issues for Israel to deal with.
Poland like many countries will not accept Jews.

At least the Germans have tried to make amends.
5. Grabowski’s book “Hunt for the Jews
Uzi   (02.18.19)
The book describes the Polish population’s involvement in turning in and murdering Jews who asked for their help during the Holocaust.
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