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Gazans prepare for possible war with Israel with surprise drill
Matan Tzuri, Elior Levy
Published: 25.02.18, 19:12
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1. ...
Agnes Losonczi   (02.25.18)
Do they teach the children how to avoid Hamas using them as human shields and casualties an a media war?
2. Does it mean that Hamas won't use them as human shields?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.25.18)
3. Hamas forces children to protect terrorists not themselves
4. Goebbel level propaganda they send their children to murder
5. a diversion ..........
steve s   (02.26.18)
Hamas always wants to put the blame on Israel ............ be prepared, the evil Israel may attack any day. This instead of the people of Gaza realizing Hamas is the reason for their horrible life. Gazans go without so Hamas can promote war.
6. They cant get adults to do their dirty work
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.26.18)
Not so long ago there was a suggestion that Hamas had plans to apply conscription for all adult males from 18 to 60

But then had to back down when they realised Gazans would have none of it and there would be a raging mutiny on their grubby hands

So what do they do?

Pick on malleable and impressionable Palestinian CHILDREN and YOUTH to brainwash to become frontline CANNON FODDER when they embarked on their next miliary adventure

All this UNDER THE VERY NOSES EYES and EARS of their sponsors UN and UNWRA and the EU WHO shamefully SAY AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
7. What happened to you, Steve???
Darnell Potts ,   Fort Lee, NJ   (02.26.18)
Looks like the biggest conversion since Paul on the road to Damascus.
8. Those Hamas guys are well-fed, well-dressed, well-equipped.
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.26.18)
So where's the starvation, the poverty, the wretchedness that the UN tells us is rampant in Gaza? Looks like more lies, as usual, for the UN. They just want to continue the gravy train of taking donor money and putting it in Hamas's pockets, with kickbacks, of course.

I think all the school children can just go down into the mazes of Hamas tunnels and be safe. But seriously, why is Hamas preparing for war? Israel won't start it- so who will??

If the UN stopped feeding and supporting Hamas, they would have collapsed years ago and Gaza would do just fine without them. Hamas just siphons money away from truly useful projects and wastes it on 'preparing for war.' Time for the UN to call it a day and either take over Gaza or walk away from it.
9. 'Possible war with Israel'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (02.27.18)
as the saying goes,
'don't start none wont be one.'

The pals are a pawn in a no win game.
Life is cheap to the terrorists who control their own with force
10. Notice the pals use kids
BBB   (02.27.18)
as those who attack Jews and the IDF?
Cowardly animals.
Their men have no brains or balls.
11. # 3 To Hamas don't send a kid when a man will do
BBB   (02.27.18)
but, then, there are no real men with cojones so, they send in their kids.
12. Israeli human shields
Guest ,   N/A   (02.28.18)
Using your logic, Israelis are to blame when hamas blows up tel Aviv marketplace or buses because Israeli regime soldiers are present there.
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