Report: Iran establishes new military base in Syria
Published: 28.02.18, 08:59
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1. We must let them finish before we turn it into rubble:-)
2. Obama's Shia terrorists are occupying Syria
C   (02.28.18)
the person who most influenced obama was the iranian born
communist valerie jarrett.
obama legitimised the shia terror regime ruling iran and its nuclear
weapons program.
the fake nuclear deal allowed iran to keep its nuclear weapons
program, its ballistic missile program, its r&d into nuclear
warheads and other nuclear capabilities.
obama gifted iran one hundred and fifty billion dollars in
sanctions relief and billions in cash for the release of
four hostages held by iran.
obama warned iran that the head of the external terror force
al quds was about to be assassinated and thereby saved
his life.
obama has acted as an agent of iran during his entire presidency.
3. Tehraniporou, where are you? Iran, Iran Iran, Iran, Iran
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.28.18)
4. Putin is the biggest winner
C   (02.28.18)
the alliance between putin and the genocidal shia terror regime poses
the greatest threat to the entire middle east and in particular to
this alliance was made possible by the obama regime.
never before did an american president gifted so much
to the enemies of the state he is supposed to lead
and protect.
yet it is trump who is harassed by the press, the corrupt press.
this same press conspired during the campaign of 2008
to keep all and every bad information about obama
secret from the public.
5. The iranians and the russians will seek to capitalize on
Tehraniporou   (02.28.18)
their gains in the region. They are in Syria with the legitimacy of the Syrian government pursuant to a military treaty signed during the antarinejad years. Hopefully none of this efforts will result in a direct military confrontation but the high risk implies that all parties must seek a regional dialogue direct dialogue, namely even that Iranian regime must talk directly with the isreali gov. One should pay attention to a sensible point raised by Zarif in Munich. The establishment of a Helsinki process in the middle east could provide for institutional means to address issues. People should understand one thing, iran with or without the regime is an important player in the middle east and it will go nowhere. An institutional multilateral system is needed in the middle east and it should include Israel.
6. Anyone following the recent rants of RG?
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.28.18)
The building of RG bases in Syria has FAR WIDER ramifications

No secret..the RG are quite open about their 'strategic aims'

1.Military encirclement of the Arab World
2.Offensive military capability against Israel/Jordan and Saudi Arabia
3.Offensive military capability against Turkey
4.Ultimate full takeover of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon
5.Establishment of naval base in Lebanon to dominate Eastern Med
6.Control of the Arabian Gulf

But thats not all
Only last week a very senior cleric had purpotedly claimed that Irans key objective in Syria was to decouple and oust Russia from Syria altogether whether by pursuasion or force

And not for the first time

Is Iran biting off more that it can chew?

Better for the world to face up to Iranian hegemony now than ignore it and face it in the future
7. Thanks Barry!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (02.28.18)
8. @ 2 Blame Israeli weakness not OBAMA
SHEIK RATTLE & ROLL ,   usa   (02.28.18)
You can blame Obama all you want. The truth of the matter is before Obama was president your country fought Hezbollah and failed to utterly destroy it. The bottom line is Israel is responsible for Israel's security. Hezbollah is getting stronger by the day and your leaders are complacent, The US gives Israel more than 300 million dollars a month for defense and other security assistance along with diplomatic cover in the UN to do what ever it needs to do regarding it's security. We do more for Israel and get nothing in return except illegals selling dead sea mud in our malls. Before Obama inked the Iran deal and was under sanctions Hezbollah amassed over 100,000 missiles pointed at your cities and your country does almost nothing. Point the blame game some where else C as in ,,,,,,C you later. wink wink.
9. fake "Benassi" promises that Iran is a "paper tiger"
Rafi   (03.01.18)
therefore... nothing to worry about!
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