Why are the Netanyahu probes taking so long?
Nadav Eyal
Published: 28.02.18, 13:10
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1. There is good reason why manderblit is AG and not Nadav
NS ,   NYC   (02.28.18)
Watch if Manderblit will close the case today these hypocrites will be yelling how dare he close this case so quick without thorough analysis.
2. Chief international correspondent shouldn't opine on domesti
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.28.18)
3. Exactly: why isn't "Bibi" already in jail, his wife in gulag
and their children dispatched into foster care?!
The Left is feeling cheated, please hurry.....
At least their dog is dead. That brings some justice in the eyes of our righteous ones.
4. Why cant Labour beat Bibi in election instead of this nonsen
Alan   (02.28.18)
5. Real investigations don't last for years
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.28.18)
Real investigations are typically completed in weeks, or perhaps a few months at most. They don't go on year after year. Nor do real investigations continue indefinitely when there is no evidence of guilt. We need to end these politically motivated leftist deep state hoax "investigations" once and for all.
6. From any angle this is looking like a farce
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.28.18)
After multiple investigations and probes and public money that have taken YEARS, the police as yet have not got a case that will stick

Beginning to look like a politically motivated case of 'If at first you dont suceed try and try until something...anything sticks.

Of course we expect the highest ethical standards from the Government but the way the police are conducting themselves looks more like a proverbial witch hunt

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