Haredim: No vote on IDF draft bill, no state budget
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.02.18, 12:20
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1. two state solution
freddy hollander ,   Amsterdam   (02.28.18)
Instead of negotiating with the Arabs why does Israel not give the Haredim their own country. They are a bigger distructive factor in Israëli society then our worst enemy.
2. To claim that "serving" an Imaginary Psychopath is equal to
putting your very life on the line in defense of our country is preposterous at least.
On the other hand, these Black Zombies are using democratic process to its fullest and may I say absolutely legal (if immoral) extent.
3. Lapid MAY launch a campaign against this?
Disillusioned   (02.28.18)
He WILL - and MUST. And for once half the nation should support it. This extortion was the very reason he insisted on excluding them from a coalition. How do you govern, modernize, advance with this immoral use of extortion to claim superior status over the rest of the country? How dare they?

As for the jellyfish Netanyahu, he was the one who called unnecessary elections on the grounds of "they're not letting the majority govern". And this group of 3 bandits ARE letting the majority govern? What they are doing is just letting the thieves and spongers do as they please so long as they get their exemption from contributing a single thing to the country that pays for their lazy asses to get fat on doing nothing.

Despicable and repugnant people. They need to find a little principality somewhere in the desert, run their little Islamic-styled state as they please, and leave us alone alone. Forever.
4. The United Torah Judaism party also known as the Parasites.
lazerbenabba ,   London England   (02.28.18)
If the Knesset submits to this blackmail by the reactionary Haredim, then Israel will quite rightly be deemed to have lost its marbles.
No other Democracy would be held to ransome by a bunch of non productive, blatantly work shy parasites.
Prayers are for the satisfaction of the individual not for a pluralist nation that is proud of its Jewish heritage that accepts that all of its people and not just Jews are necessary for the success of its future.
These ultra orthodox shoklers exagerate their importance to the nation;
Being a Jew is a great deal more than the repetive mantra of the Talmud.
It is the acceptance of all that they must pull their weight, both physical and intellectual which praying to the ether and arguing over obtuse diktats has no real value.
5. haredi leaders shameful
manny   (02.28.18)
70 years after the holocaust, haredi leaders don't want the flock to be able to defend themselves in the world. instead the prefer their kip pa wearing kids to waive their Torah knowledge to face down bullies while their heads get bashed in. i would throw the haredi leaders into some type of compulsory service. they are misguiding the flock-shame on them.
6. Get the budget passée with the help of opposition!
Robert ,   Antwerp   (02.28.18)
7. Sages or idiots
Leon Ash ,   Grand Rapids   (02.28.18)
What makes those guys in The Council of Torah Sages so brilliant as to call themselves "sages" ?
8. predict: BB will yield 'cause his priority is stay in office
Rafi ,   US   (02.28.18)
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