Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Report on new Iranian base: A message to world powers
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 01.03.18, 23:44
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1. Solution
DSM ,   USA   (03.01.18)
Once the warehouses are filled to capacity, take them out.
2. One would do well to remember that....
Tony ,   Jeffreys Bay   (03.02.18)
Nothing appears in the press unless someone WANTS it there.
3. obama was much responsible
Pedro Silva ,   Portugal   (03.02.18)
Obama made isis the main ennemy , benefiting Assad and Iran. Back in 2012 he refused to declare a no fly zone again helping Assad Russia and Iran ally. The results are here to see - Iran and russia won the war in syria and not the situation is more dangerous than ever. A BIG war can start between Israel and Iran. This scenario was easy to predict in 2012 when Rebens battled Assad and Iran but Obama failed to see it.
4. Can Israeli intercept missiles at Mach 10
Ken   (03.02.18)
America would like you to test.
5. Russia will nuke arrogant Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.02.18)
6. Unless & until the US decides to get actively involved again
Rafi ,   US   (03.02.18)
in the region - particularly with its 6th Fleet in the eastern Mediterranean - and which will inevitably involve some high-stakes confrontation with Russia ... nothing will change for the better in Syria or the region... Only continuing Iranian & Russian encroachment.

Unfortunately Obama & his advisors (Blinken, Rhodes, Rice and Kerry) were the ones who originally folded up the American tent... and aside from a small force in remote northeastern Syria along the Euphrates... Trump is ALSO not meaningfully engaged.

Whatever you may think of them, Nixon & Kissinger would have had (and they did) the 6th fleet on high alert with non-stop naval air patrols harassing Russian/ Soviet aircraft & ships in eastern Medit.

This is the language the Russians understand without translation.
7. Ron, this is nonsense. Netanyahu has a direct line to Trump.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.02.18)
He doesn't need to give information to Trump via Fox news.
8. God only knows how Ron got his Israel-Prize.
9. Fox News is Fake News!
Rich ,   Toronto   (03.02.18)
I don‘t believe one word they say!
10. here today next month leveled by the IAF
LARRY LISS   (03.02.18)
11. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (03.02.18)
a lot of crazy people playing with matches in the area. the house will burn down and people will suffer.
how much better it would be if there was peace, prosperity, cooperation and trade. won't happen soon. or ever.
12. All these wardrums due to Obama exclusivelyHe let Syria
Alan   (03.02.18)
descend into chaos.Also whole Arab Middle East. What a Junior Varsity man was he.
13. If anyone had any doubts about Iranian intentions in Syria
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.02.18)
All through 2017 you only had to follow digital chatter to realise just how much Assad (the giraffe) is held in contempt by the RG and the inevitability they see as Syria becoming an integral part of the new Iranian Shia Empire

And key to this goal...is Irans strategy to firm her grip and domination of Syria and Lebanon and sideline and ultimately decouple Russia from its economic and strategic interests in the region and send ‘Russia packing home’ either by coercion or by force

And if you think that’s fantasy…follow the increasingly brazen recent statements by senior clerics and RG who view Russia now, not as an ally but as a foreign unislamic colonial power who are thwarting Irans hegemonic ambitions and are ‘past her usefullness’
14. Russia in ME.
cynthia ,   sydney   (03.04.18)
My fear is Netenyahu is a friend to both Russia and USA. Neither will help him and Israel will be alone. With all due respect Netenyahu is a great business man and diplomat but not a good tactitian. It would seem there is no one out there in Israel who could step up to the plate. Israel has become bloated with finance and is not willing to risk her potential wealth.
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