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Ethiopian Jews threaten mass hunger strike over Israel move
Associated Press
Published: 28.02.18, 15:37
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1. a little late
Tony ,   jeffreys bay   (02.28.18)
non-Jewish Russians 1000 000 of them beat you guys to it. Too Bad. The days oof the law of return and the magic carpet are fast drawing to a close and so is the ahavas Yisrael.
2. What we do know,,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (02.28.18)
is that the blood line Hebrews of the pre and post prophetic era, the Hebrews of the biblical narrative are extinct,,, this is fact. White Caucasian so - called "Jews", Mediterranean mulattos "Jews", the black American so -called "Jews", Mizrahi so-called "Jews", Sephardi so-called "Jews",,,,, non of these people's are related to this bygone race of extinct Hebrews. Hasmonean, Hellenic Jews after 300 BC were nothing more than converts. The Hebrews are extinct, Jesus Christ is "The First Begotten Of The Dead".
3. Misleading. All the actual Ethiopian Jews are already in Isr
Jake   (02.28.18)
4. Is not like they are real Jews
Phoenix   (02.28.18)
When we brought Ethiopians they called them selve Jews they
Didn’t have real Jewish culture knowledge or religion.
They didn’t have Tefillin nor Aussie not Rabbis they had Christian bibles.
They called them selve Jews but were more a cult.
They didn’t know Hebrew or the feasts of Israel not diet laws, nothing.
And when they came here they refused to get converted to real Judaism.
They were never legitimate Jews they are a cult.
5. Christians masquerading as Jews.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.28.18)
Don't be fooled.
6. Look Who's Telling Israel Who and Who it Should Not Welcome
Allan Bernstein ,   Ramat Gan   (03.01.18)
I see South Africa, Maryland, Arizona, and New York along with an unknown tell Israel whom it should and should not have filing in her borders. Your opinions mean nothing. Ziltch. When you move here you can have an opinion. Not from the comfort of a Costco parking lot or behind a 10 foot wall with a South African Killer dog to watch over you. Ethiopians and Russians have made great Israels. Much more productive than many of the traditional comic book Jews you seem to be touting who suck the life of of our governments coffers.
7. My family came from the Ukraine
BBB   (03.03.18)
my Grandfather came first, worked hard saved money and then sent for his family to come to America to join him.
Now, many in America just come here illegally and wonder why no one supports them.
No one except democrats who mistakenly think giving illegals entry will help them win elections.
8. Whatever
Phoenix   (03.05.18)
9. 90% Ethiopian “Jews” in Israel vote Meretz
IsraeliFools ,   Jerusalem   (03.05.18)
90% within only a few years stopped
Observing Shabbat Kashrut and all forms of Judaism thousands
Attend Christian Churches tour guides
See them at Old City churches holding
Israeli ID s The original leaders said
There were no more than 35,000 authentic
Jews the rest were imposters
10. What has the measurement: 20-20-20
Jack Mehoff ,   NYC   (03.09.18)
Miss Ethiopia
11. #2 Julius nonsense
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.09.18)
Judaism isn't a color, it's a religion.
And, Jesus wasn't the first risen from the dead...
King Saul asked that Solomon be raised from the dead and he was, remember?
Oh, that's right, according to you, there are no more Jews.
( Despite the DNA markers signifying the 'Jewish gene'.)
Study more spout crap less.
12. # 2 Julius BS
BBB   (03.09.18)
Jews are NOT extinct.
You confuse color with faith.
Judaism is a religion not a color of the skin.
And, Jesus wasn't the first risen from the dead, remember King Saul and his asking that Samuel be raised from the dead and he was?
Try and stay up to date as well as being more accurate.
13. You have better lives in Ethiopia, do not leave.
ironbutterfly   (03.13.18)
You will regret coming to israel. Do not believe in fairy tales israeli government's representatives tell you with a fake nasty smiles on nasty faces. All are lies.
You will be very very unhappy in israel. This is not "gan eden", it never was.
Israel is a terribly polluted country with millions of diesel cars which leave terrible pollution all over israel. Better way is to move to Canada or US. These are big big countries. Better lives are in bigger and better countries. You'll live in comfort, security and stress free. In israel nobody lives in comfort(except filthy rich people), nobody lives in security and stress is everywhere. It's in the air you breathe too. You'll make a mistake if you decide to come to israel. You'll never have a life in israel like you have in Ethiopia. If you have a house in Ethiopia, in israel you'll live in apartment building, where you'll hear every small sound from your neighbors. Polluted dirty street, with small cars running like there is no tomorrow. Do Not come to israel.
14. time to recognize Ethiopian Jews.
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (08.30.19)
It is crime and cruel to deny Ethiopian Jewsfor whatever reason.
Halacha tells us to bring all Ethiopian Jews to Israel and make their life comfortable.Yhat's how to make a nation.
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