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First charges filed under Polish Holocaust Law
Published: 03.03.18, 16:09
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1. Boycott Poland
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.03.18)
'nuff said. Let's see how the EU's Human Rights Court deals with this one. There's more bugs under the rug yet to crawl out.
2. Call it what it is
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (03.03.18)
This law should be called the attempt to change history law
3. Article
Marcelo ,   Ramat Gan   (03.03.18)
easy, viralize the article so that everyone (who can Spanish) has the chance to read it!! Poles, are, were and always will be scumbags antisemits...
4. Stop spreading lies about Poland
Jack ,   Warsaw   (03.03.18)
If somebody is spreading the lies on the Polish contribution to the Holocaust, should be punished respectively to his acts and according to the law. Nothing more, nothing less
5. No reason to boycotte Poland
Jack ,   Warsaw   (03.03.18)
EU institutions should deal with more serious cases at first, like neo-nazi movements in Germany, Sweden, etc.
6. Field day for a bunch of blood-sucking lawyers!
7. A royal mess intended as...what exactly?! If it was for
internal consumption, then oh boy: did it become an "export item"!!!?
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