Footage shows Hamas siphoning Gaza power
Yoav Zitun
Published: 04.03.18, 23:42
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1. ...
Agnes Losonczi   (03.05.18)
Mark sherry, you'd rather poke your own eyes out, than admit any wrongdoing from the pally side or ever exonerate, or even say one not bad word about us. And you're a proud lecturer in France. No wonder it's become almost a caliphate.
2. Syphoning electricity? NO BIG DEAL
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.05.18)
What about the BILLIONS of dollars of foreign AID reportedly siphoned by Hamas to line their grubby pockets What about the BILLIONS of dollars reportedly siphoned off from their infamous tunnel taxes? What about the BILLIONS of PA funds intended for INFRASTRUCTURE squandered on their various militia and terrorist adventures? What about the BILLIONS stashed away by Hamas Elites in foreign bank accounts for a 'rainy day' And all the while the remainder of Gaza ROTS
3. Hamas makes Gaza a hell hole.
BBB   (03.05.18)
Only fair as they are devils.
4. "I will no longer swallow the Kool Aid.", Porky Sherry
A ,   OutThere   (03.05.18)
slobbered while downing another dozen donuts. But he'll gladly swallow any of the B.S. that Al Jazheera or Ma'an feeds him.
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