Litzman rejects attempts to reach compromise over draft law
Moran Azulay, Yuval Karni
Published: 06.03.18, 09:27
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1. TIT for TAT
Robert ,   Israel   (03.06.18)
Litzman wants exemptions and benefits in the drafting law for Torah students. Most Israelis and majority of Jews all over the world demand from the orthodox monopoly, full recognition of all Jewish Rabbis independently whether they are Conservative, Reform or light orthodox.
One thing should come altogether with the other.
Orthodox are known to be skilled blackmailers , so they now perfectly what this means. TIT FOR TAT !!
2. To Robert 1. Dont start with tit for tat!
Robert ,   Antwerp   (03.06.18)
It's a solution and a budget we néed!
3. disgusted
monty ,   johannesburg   (03.07.18)
why don't these very religious Jew's go to Iceland and live there Israel is not for them.i had a uncle who fought for Israel .
these aretraitors
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