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Gaza perimeter agriculture in peril due to water reservoir contamination
Matan Tzuri
Published: 07.03.18, 11:06
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1. He that control is also responsible. Israels controls Gaza
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.18)
Israel controls Gaza. Israel blockades Gaza. Israel strangulates Gaza. Israel starves Gaza. Israel torments and brutalizes Gaza. Israel never ended its occupation of Gaza. He who claims otherwise is lying either knowingly or unknowingly. Fornicating with truth is not exactly compatible with the Ten Commandments or the Halacha of Moshe, the Prophet.
2. sad sad sad.... :(
tamar aviva baras   (03.09.18)
when there is no peace, environment suffers...

tamar aviva baras
3. Palestinian intentionally created sewer river to poison Jews
4. Gaza is an open sewer
They value death more than life and ruined their only water treatment plant.

Hamas errant rocket destroyed Gaza's only water treatment plant.
Geniuses? Not so much
5. #1 HYPOCRITE !!
You live in Israel and hate it?
MOVE you ungrateful bas*ard.!!! Gaza needs more idiots like you.
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