Poll: 51% of Israeli Arabs refuse to recognize Israel as Jewish state
Ahiya Raved
Published: 07.03.18, 14:23
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1. Jewish & democratic = eternal oxymoron
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.18)
Israel can not be Talmudic and democratic at the same time, It is impossible. Israel deceives the world when it claims to be Jewish and democratic. Jewish & democratic is an eternal oxymoron.

Arabs constitute around 22% of Israel's population, and with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, who have been ruled by Israel for the past 51 years, they constitute over 50% of the population. Yet they have a zero power and zero representation!

Israel insists on being a Jewish state? yet Jews are a shrinking minority. Imagine, just imagine, the US is declared a Protestant country? Would American Jews accept this, although American Jews are less than 2% of America's population.? You see Jewish hypocrisy and moral selectiveness!
2. Democracy doesn't suit Arabs. They respect Apartheid regime.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.07.18)
3. one statistic has been misinterpreted by this article
George Griselda ,   Houston Texas   (03.07.18)
I believe that one statistic has been misinterpreted by this article. The 77% of arab muslims living in israel who say they're not interested in moving to a palestinian state are saying so not because they like israel but , and only because, they know that a palestinian administered state will be a mess politically, socially, economically and security wise.
This article has an inaccuracy in that those muslims still feel that israel should be destroyed and a muslim state installed in its stead with jews expelled.
These statistics don't alter that reality yet nor that democracy is not a normal state of affairs for those imbued with the muslim faith.
4. The Arabs in the west bank and Gaza are
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.18)
Not " ruled" by Israel so obviously have zero power and representation - as for Jews shrinking to a minority maybe some Arabs would like to believe that but what is more interesting is the Israeli Arab - however much doesn't agree with Israel on many points does not want to move to a Palestinian state- that says it all!
5. Arabs need Israel
Tova   (03.07.18)
Israel is the only democracy Arabs know. In Islam there is no democracy. Arabs living in Israel are the envy of all Islamic Nations. Arabs living in Israel are fearful when visiting their relatives who live in Arab nations. Who says that?
Arabs say it.
Each time I go to Israel Arabs always talk the best of Israel. The also say they enjoy speaking badly about Israel to outside world as Israel is the only place where they say terrible things and not be killed or jailed.
In Islamic states a person is tortured for speaking out such as in Turkey.
Arabs have alot of social assistance. Alot of Arabs don't pay taxes. imagine that.
Of course they will speak out after all they are in Israel so they can say they hate Israel.
Let them say and do these things in Arab countries. You can be sure they would all be jailed.
Isaac Hunt ,   SAFED HONESTY   (03.07.18)
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (03.07.18)
and 100% Jews don't recognize a Palestinian State. so what?
8. Hardly a helpful statistic
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.07.18)
The question is loaded with negativity...

Why dont we ask THIS more balanced question

'Do you feel Israeli and is Israel your country'

Here there appears to be a huge generational difference of opinion..the older generation of the Tibis, the Zoabis et al despite taking full part in Israeli political life..have little sense of Israeli nationhood. Whereas many more of the younger generation are proud and confident to be both Israeli and Arab and are determined to play their full part.

Israeli society must work hard to find ways to connect with the younger generation of Israeli Arabs by protecting Israels unique multi cultural heritage without undermining Israels deep Jewish roots

Time and again free from outside influences in the UK I have been blown away by the patriotism and pride in Israel by so many young Israeli Arabs when Israel has come under biased and unfair condemnation and attack

9. Re the corrupt analogy between France and Israel
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.18)
In France, all citizens, irrespective of their religions, are treated equally as citizens.

In Israel, you have to be Jewish in order to be a true citizen. I won't even allude to the obscene lie of "Israel is Jewish and democratic" lest I inadvertently give some dignity to the lie!
10. Goodbye Arabs! Mecca awaits, Jordan awaits!
11. 51% dont' recognize Israel as Jewish
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.18)
They should move to the Palestinian Authority, which should be a Palestinian State, as should Transjordan (Eastern Palestine).
12. 10-Warsaw and Karkaou are awaiting you
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.18)
13. And 100% of American Jews
Carol ,   NYC   (03.08.18)
Refuse to recognize US as a Christian state. Jews in US less than 2%. Palestinians in Israel 21%. So what's your point.

The headline should've said "Nearly half of Israeli Jews oppose Arab pupils in their children's class". You are the most racist people on earth pretending to be victims of bigotry day and night.

"Just 51.6% of Israel’s Jewish population was willing in 2017 to have Arab children in their kids’ school class, down from 57.5% in 2015"
14. No surprise there! Israel is not Democratic
Rich ,   Toronto   (03.08.18)
If Israel is a Jewish State, there is no equal rights for Arabs and no democracy. You will NEVER see an Arab Prime Minister in Israel. The way the political system is set up, a small minority will always be able to rule over Israel without the will of the majority. People are voting in political parties and in the PM elections after a party selects their PM representative, but not for the MKs. That is not democracy. Every MK should be elected locally by the people of his or her district and held accountable to serve their interest in the government.
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