Jerusalem Faction plans mass protest against IDF service
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 07.03.18, 22:48
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1. Remove Them
DSM ,   USA   (03.08.18)
Put them all in their own settlements close to Israel's boarder and do not protect them from terrorist or those countries that would destroy Israel. And let them pray till their hearts content.
2. Oy vey!
Moishe Pipic ,   Achtaluchus   (03.08.18)
Another sign of the madness of Israel these days. A group is a powerful voting block because of its ability to cut itself off from reality and deny all responsibility to the state to defend it when it is peril and cohere around those principles.
3. They don't have enough prison cells for them
David ,   New york   (03.08.18)
21000 people in israeli prisons
26000 capacity

If only a fraction of Haredim are imprisioned for refusing to be drafted, they will quickly run out of room
4. They do not work so they have all the time to demostrate
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (03.07.18)
Rather than be bored studying (hah!) in the yeshivas they hit the streets to have fun fighting for their "right" to plunder the treasury and slander our country. We should promise not to support any MK or party which continues to support their filthy politics.
5. police need to take initiative - raid Yeshivot, make arrests
Rafi ,   US   (03.08.18)
Break up Heredi meeting places. Divide, partition Mea Sheariim. Expel tax delinquents.

The Law of the State must be followed - not only "the 635 commandments"
6. enoough of this bull-crap
larry   (03.07.18)
show me where hashem said torah students must not be able to defend themselves. enough of this bull-crap. a law should be passed ordering the haredi into the idf. leaders who oppose this should be thrown into the jail.

the 24 hr exclusive studying without respite for physical self defense training gets the kids killed in the streets of Paris and Jerusalem, because they are not able to defend themselves. this is a damn sin.

haredi curriculum has to be modernized period.
Robert ,   Israel   (03.08.18)
Grab them while protesting in the streets, take a picture of each one of them, and send them straight to do military service. They need to learn once and for all that they need to assume compromise with the country they live in. If not, they can take their bags and leave forever. No more Haredi drones inside Israel.
Robert ,   Israel   (03.08.18)
9. The cleansing
Noel D ,   Perth   (03.08.18)
Time they GO GET A JOB & probably a Haircut too & stop Sponging on the real Tax payers!
OOH and stop hiding under each other coats when the next War starts, and at least try to help defend there own families? and the people of Israel who feed them! by enlisting to the IDF.
10. enough is enough
sherie ,   safed   (03.08.18)
if they would follow the torah they would never act like this,
work, protect your country and stop letting others support you and your large families. We have let this go on way too long,
11. So thet willl 'cause a noise the world will hear?'
Tim ,   Brightpn   (03.08.18)
Well dudes we already HEAR the message LOUD and CLEAR

That this is a bunch of hangers on refusing to serve on the pretext of religion?

There is NOWHERE in the Torah that excludes ANYONE of any ORTHODOXY from serving in the military TO PROTECT their families and Country

Indeed are not these overt and open threats to cause 'civil disorder' no less than criminal incitement and an arrestable offense?
Rafi ,   US   (03.08.18)
except for Bibi - 'cause he covets the heredi coalition votes in Knesset
13. Wouldn't it be better?
Loi ,   Mi Ami   (03.08.18)
Wouldn't it be better and more powerful for them to stage these protests lets say in New York and then don't let them back into Israel.
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