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Christians emerge as key patrons for Jews moving to Israel
Associated Press
Published: 10.03.18, 15:58
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1. Why don't Christians pay their Jerusalem property tax?
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (03.10.18)
Is it logical that commercial enterprises such as hotels and businesses should be exempt simply because they are owned by churches? Why should the Mamilla Hotel pay the arnona tax, while the Notre Dame Hotel a block away is exempt?
2. Slick antisemitism send Jews to Zion
Leave USA to Christians and Christianity
3. Jérémy ben ami can shove it....
Deavman ,   Ta   (03.10.18)
Evangelical christians are our brothers and they are always welcome, donations or no donations
4. American Evangelical Christians
Tova   (03.10.18)
are very big contributors to Israel. In Aliyah. Jewish schools, Jewish hospitals, They give huge contributions of Holocaust Survivors.

Don't confuse American Evangelical Christians to other Christians groups.

Evangelical Christians in the United States and in Canada are also being persecuted by the Liberals government for their support of Israel.

I have known evangelical christians for many years. Most of them are 100% for Israel. They are more for Israel than the Orthodox Jews. These Christians go by the gospel of Jesus who said Salvation/Redemption to the Jew first. The Christians are grafted in. Although no Jewish by birth. They know more about Judaism than most Jews. Evangelical Christians study Torah and are very learned in Judaism. The Ultra Orthodox know very little of Torah.

Should the day come that Evangelical Christians are persecuted by Liberal Democrates it will be the day that American will loose her standing in the world and with GOD.

Christians in Israel are different. As they lives are surrounded by muslins who want to kill them and Orthodox Jews who care not for them. But how Orthodox Jews have no problem in taking donations from Christians.
5. All christian denominations live in Jerusalem
Your comment is ignorant and anti-Catholic. You muat be an American bible belt Trump supporter
6. Evangelical Christians are hell-bent on converting Jews to
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.11.18)
the worship of a false god called Jesus. True Jews will not give up Shima Yisrael for Christian polytheism and its unholy trinity. Obeying the Commandments of the God of Israel is more important than serving the modern pagan Golem called state of Israel. Reform Jews seem to be willing to grovel at the feet of the pagan goyem in order to compensate for their deviation from true Jewish Orthodoxy.
7. G-d Bless the evangelicals!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.11.18)
They are doing G-ds work by assisting Jews to live in Israel.
Must make the Muslims even madder ( and I love it!)

Historically, only Israel is reborn from the ashes just as foretold in the Torah.
Stunning prophecy no matter who you are.
G-d Bless Israel
G-d Bless the evangelicals.
8. Remember Gen. 12:3
BBB   (03.11.18)
When G-d speaks to Abraham and says,
He who blesses you I will bless.
he who curses youI will curse.

True today as the day it was stated by the G-d of Israel.
The only true living G-d.
9. #3 Deavman Ta AMEN BUDDY!!!!
BBB   (03.11.18)
10. # 2 Au Contraire!
BBB   (03.11.18)
America is great for she blessed the Jew by allowing them to practice being Jews without harassment or punitive measures unlike the anti semitic nations they left in disgust.
USA blesses Israel and her Jews both here and there.

If you want to send any one somewhere start with the squatting Arabs in Israel, send them back to Arabia.

America loves both her Jews and her Christians.
11. They do it for Jesus, not for the Jews
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.18)
12. If Jews want ro commit religious suicide, it's their choice
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.18)
13. There are us mere humans...
This human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (03.12.18)
dying on this little pebble in universe and there is the One who is more than mere human. I'm counting on the One who's more.
14. Jst as bad as Corbyn/Obama enemies of the people - Ynet sham
15. Take anyone over the liars and morally corrupt JST
16. Ynet lies part of problem - JST not liberal nor pro-Israel
17. Christian support from 1840s pre-modern Zionism
18. JSt run by enemies of Israel-NOT STOOD WITH ISRAEL ONCE
19. Ami & JST enemies of Israel/Jews - friends of Iran/Abbas
20. JST s every action hostile towards Israel they are enemies
funded by Soros and other fascists who support the end of Israel. They have not done one thing to support Israel and been hostile towards them in EVERY CASE. group of fascist left wing Jews who will do anything to push their agenda they are as bad as the Jews who worked with the Nazis.
They work to support Iran/Abbas the mass murdering holocaust denying antisemite.
They deny Jewish private property rights over an imaginary line and deny Israel right to defend itself.

21. A suggestion
Sky Blue ,   București   (03.13.18)
Maybe the haredim should return the favour and sponsor the immigration of the christians from Israel to other countryes.
22. Friends2enemies
Tova   (03.14.18)
Your surely do not understand my post. You surely do not understand how Jews and Christians have worked together for many years. You surely do not understand or appreicate the Evangelical Christians who support Israel.
Their donations feed the poor of Israel. Their donation support Mogen David. Their donation support the IDF. Their donations support holocuast surviors.
Their donations are given to many Jewish organizations. To many orphan children.

It is the Vatican catholics that care not for Israel. Evangelical Christians are very very different than catholics/eastern orthodoxy.

In American Evangelical Christians and Rabbis work together to support Jewish communities.

Do not hate the ones the help you. Even in Yad VaShem we recognize the Christians who saved Jewish Lives.
23. # 21 Sky Blue
BBB   (03.14.18)
Send Christians to Muslim countries perhaps?
Na, don't think so.
24. BBB u r living in Denial! But then u r delusional!
family granny ,   Israel   (03.15.18)
BBB what year did Jewish Quotas at US universities end?
What year were Jews finally welcomed into the most exclusive WASP US clubs?
What year were Jews finally welcomed as full citizens?
You do remember the USS St. Louis during WW2? What happened to the European Jews on that vessel?
The US Bible Belt Protestant Christians do not love us and they have never welcomed us...they have only used us for their own purposes.
...and now according to their beliefs they need us to bring on their Armageddon, their rapture and their messiah! Take care there are many violent and anti-Semitic people among those you are calling friends and lovers of Zion! So please do me a favor...sit down!
25. Christian support for Israel
Martin ,   Commack   (03.21.18)
The reason for more donations from Christians is Jewish groups aren't giving enough because of politics
26. Fraud
Guest ,   Israel   (03.22.18)
Isn't this tax exempt also the one with YouTube videos of grainy 40 year old scenes of hungry Israelis? Isn't this the charity claiming millions if Israelis are starving? Isn't this a fraud?
27. Donations
Joseph Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (03.22.18)
Do not confuse the intent of these "good Christians" as a good thing for Israel. Their goal is stil the same.
After the final battle between the forces of evil and the forces of light Jews will be forced to convert or die. This type of thought goes back to Martin Luther. The more things change the more they stay the same. Anti-semitism is still very much alive!
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